What Do I Need To Travel To Nigeria from the USA? (2023)

As the biggest country in Black Africa, Nigeria has so much to offer by way of business opportunities, cultural diversity, and tourism. Nigeria offers a unique mix of cultures and languages; a mix of over 400 different peoples, all living peacefully together within common borders. Expectedly, such a mix of religiously and culturally different peoples can present certain challenges.

 Traditionally, America has played a vital part in Nigeria; from the American oil corporations that have expanded their operations in the country, to the military assistance that Nigeria has received from America to help fight insecurity and other social problems. America has numerous private investments in Nigeria; particularly in the areas of technology, real estate, hotels and accommodation, and so on.

Nigeria is also a market for several American products ranging from fashion and lifestyle items, cosmetics, technology, auto vehicles, and so on. It is difficult to ascertain the number of Americans presently in Nigeria at the moment, but there is no doubt that Nigeria is a very important commercial hub for Americans. If you are interested in traveling to Nigeria from America; this is what you need.

Do American citizens need a Visa to travel to Nigeria?

Yes, American citizens need visas to enter Nigeria. However, visa procurement is a simple and straightforward process that anyone can pass. As a matter of fact, you can qualify for a visa right away, just as long as you have not been flagged for any wrongdoing. Here is what you need to do.

What do I need to travel to Nigeria from the USA? 

US passport (with 6 months validity)

Visa Application and payment of visa fee.

Pass the interview and be issued with a Nigeria Visa. 

Two recent passport-size photographs.

Nigeria Immigration Service Visa Payment Receipt and Visa Acknowledgement Receipt.

Book a Flight. (There are different flights from the US to Nigeria)

Travelling to Nigeria from the US: Step by Step Guide

The first step is to visit the Home page of Nigeria Immigration Portal which is the main visa issuing authority in Nigeria. When you land at the portal you then Locate and click on the appropriate application form to start the process: you will then be met with an Entry Visa/Freezone Application Form from the Nigerian government.

You will then need to fill the Application form. After doing that you will need to check the box that says ‘I ACCEPT FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE INFORMATION PROVIDED IN THIS FORM.’ 

After that, you will need to click on the button that says ‘Submit Application.’ Then you can view the ‘Applicant details page.’ The next thing is to click on “Proceed to Online Payment.”

Please note that for Americans, the Nigerian government offers the following visa options with the following prices.

Single Entry visa (6 months validity) US$160

Multiple Entry visa (1-year validity) US$160

Multiple Entry Visa (2-year validity) US$160

TWP Fees: US$160

STR Visa Fees: US$160

Please click to select the Payment Currency “Pay in Dollars” option. After that please click on the ‘Continue’ button.

We assume that you are making this visa enquiry from America. In that case, you will be redirected to the online payments for payments outside of Nigeria. After the payment has been made, a receipt will be issued to you, and a date for the visa interview will be stated. You should then print out the issued visa, and then take your passport and other documents to the Nigerian Embassy in your Country of abode on your slated interview date for your Visa.

Please note that if the date stated for your interview is not favorable you can reschedule your interview date to the next available date. To do this please send an email to nis-support@newworkssolution.com, and include in the email your Application id, Reference no, and the proposed date.

Can a US Citizen Travel to Nigeria Right Now?

Please contact the US embassy in Nigeria for clarification. The general disposition of the US government towards Nigerians is that the country is unsafe, but Nigeria is still hosting a large number of American citizens.

The following are visa requirements. 

Tourist / Visitor Visa Requirements:

Aside from the USD160 visa fee, you will also need a few things to facilitate your visa and help you enter Nigeria as an American. You will need a US Passport that is valid for at least 6 months after your visa application, a Completed visa application form, Two recent passport-size photographs of yourself, A Letter of Invitation from a company/host in Nigeria who will be responsible for your immigration and safety. As a US tourist in Nigeria, you are required to show evidence of sufficient funds. You will then need to show evidence of payment of the visa fee which is the Nigeria Immigration Service Visa Payment Receipt and Visa Acknowledgement Receipt.

Business Visa:

As an American going to Nigeria you will be required to provide a completed visa application form, as well as two recent passport-size photographs of yourself.

As a US businessman coming to do business in Nigeria you are required to show evidence of sufficient funds. You will then need to show evidence of having paid the visa fee: that means you will need to provide the Nigeria Immigration Service Visa Payment Receipt and Visa Acknowledgement Receipt.

Temporary Work Permit (TWP):

In order to get a Temporary Work Permit (TWP) as an American citizen looking to work in Nigeria, you will need to have a US passport with at least 6 months validity post the date of your application.

 You will also need to provide a printed copy of the completed application form for visitors to pass

 You will also need to provide two recent passport-size photographs of yourself.

 You will also need a copy of the Letter of Approval from the Comptroller General, Nigeria Immigration Service.

Subject to Regularization (STR):

In order to get this documentation which seals your status as a documented worker, adding value to the Nigerian economy through your work, these are the necessary things you will need.

 You will need a US passport with at least 6 months validity post the date of your application.

 You will need to provide a Completed visa form in quadruplicate with four recent passport photographs.

 You will also need to provide four copies of the letter of Expatriate Quota Approval from the Ministry of Interior

 You will also need to provide four copies of credentials, certificates, and curriculum vitae, all vetted by a relevant official of the Nigerian High Commission/Embassy in the United States of America.

 You will also need to provide four copies of the offer Letter of Employment

  You will then need to provide four copies of the Letter of Acceptance of employment. These documents should have your signature.

You will then provide evidence of payment for the VISA.



Unless you are thinking of working permanently in Nigeria, you do not really need a Temporary Work Permit or a Subject to Regularization. There is a high amount of need for foreign direct investment which your visit could possibly bring, and for this reason, you will find the process of obtaining a visa to travel to Nigeria very simple- this is to encourage visitors to go to Nigeria.