Top 10 Moving Companies in Lagos (2023)

Lagos is such a dynamic place and a lot of people find themselves moving from one location to another. Moving Companies are scattered all over the city and their major function is to offer professional service in helping people or businesses pack, load, move, unload, unpack and sometimes even arrange the items in the new location.

Anyone that wants to move should always seek the services of these professionals because no one wants missing items when moving and that is the most common and annoying occurrence when people move.

There are a lot of moving companies in Lagos and it’s best to know a little about the services they provide, the locations of the best ones, and the general logistics of these companies. Stated below will be some moving companies and their logistics.

Top 10 Moving Companies in Lagos

1. Express Movers

One of the most prestigious and sought-after moving companies in Lagos, Express movers has delivered quality services to a lot of people. The company was established in 2003 and it is located at Ajayi Road, Ikeja, Lagos. Their services include packing and moving for both homes and offices. They also have a branch in Abuja building its impressive reputation across the country.

Express movers also have a unique service of providing moving boxers to their customers to enable easier movements and with over 350 interstate moves under their belt, they are one of the best moving companies for interstate travel. Some of them include; Promasidor, Fidson, Citibank, PZ Cussons e.t.c.

2. Atlas Relocators

Located in Ojodu Berger, Lagos, Atlas Relocators has been one of the best movers in Lagos since its establishment. The company makes moving easy and stress-free and offers customers a unique customer quote that makes customers work within their budget, timeline, and specific needs.

Atlas relocators are aimed at being customer friendly and aim to provide the cheapest prices as much as possible.

3. AGS Movers

One of the most internationally acclaimed companies on this list, AGS movers was established in 1974 in France and it has branches in 97 countries including the Lagos branch. They offer a wide range of services including domestic moves, international moves, and even the movement of vehicles from one location to another.

AGS Movers is the perfect example of the complete package with tentacles in different parts of the world they are the ideal go-to company when moving. The Lagos branch Located in Apapa is the hub of high-profile relocations for some clients which include; Honeywell, Globacom e.t.c.

4. DAAS Movers Solution

A 5 star rated moving company in Lagos, DAAS movers provide a variety of movement depending on the best interests of the customer. They offer movement through Land, air, sea depending on the preference of the customer. The company is located in the prestigious city of Ikoyi and you can be guaranteed a quality service anytime.

5. Packmyload Movers

With a very user-friendly website, packmyload movers are very easy to book. The website is the cream of the company and pretty much every detail needed to book a date for your move can be done on the website.

The company offers a range of services from home moves, furniture picks up moves, office relocation, store delivery, junk removal, international relocations, cleaning services, and storage. With all these services, Packmyloadmovers are basically the jack of all trades in the moving industry.

6. Ace Logistics and Relocations

The moving company is under the umbrella of the ACE group. The ACE group provides a range of services including Relocation and moving services, Property Management, Renovation, and fleet management.

The relocation and moving company are located in Ikorodu, Lagos serving as its head office since the establishment of the company in 2007. They provide general home, office, and commercial movement and relocations.

7. Speedy Movers

Speedy Movers is based in Lekki phase 1, Lagos and it has been in existence for 35 years. The company is one of the first moving companies in Lagos and it has been offering its services which include Home Moving, Office Moving, Event Logistics, and E-commerce logistics.

The company offers moving of event canopies, chairs, and tables which is a major sight in Lagos Owambe Saturdays.

8. The Removalist Logistics

Just as the name suggests, the company is professional in removing items from one location and moving it to another. The company motto is move in ease and relocates in style and that is exactly what the removalist logistics company provides.

With over 10 years of experience, the company provides services that include home moving, delivery services, event logistics, and also are major in agric produce movement.

9. Belamej Movers and Packers

Belamej Movers within a short period of time is fast becoming a reputable moving company in Lagos located in Mobolaji Johnson Place, Lekki, Lagos. They offer 24-hour service which gives the company an edge over its competitors.

They are a very new-age company and make use of modern information technology to satisfy their customers. They have a platform where they keep open communication channels with their customers when they are on duty. Some of their services include; home moving, office moving, event moving, etc.

10. Heyes-Cole Movers

It’s a moving company located at Akintoye Street Ketu, Lagos, and has only been operational for one year but has been able to amass over 30 clients within a short span. Heyes- Cole Movers has experience with moving chemical materials, textile materials, and general Manufacturing materials.

It is a partnership of two individuals and has only less than 20 staff members but work very efficiently to meet customer needs and demands.



Relocation and moving from one place to another have been made very easy. It is best to make use of professional moving companies as they guaranty quality packing, moving, and delivery of the items.

The wide range of expertise of the different top moving companies in Lagos was also explored from the use of modern IT by some companies to 24-hour delivery and the movement of different other items asides from home and office furniture. Lagos will always be a relocating hub and moving companies will always thrive in the city of Lagos.