Top 10 Most Educated States In Nigeria 2023

Have you been visiting different sites with the aim of knowing the top educated states in Nigeria? Well, look no further, since we will be providing you with not just the most educated states in Nigeria but their various literacy levels.

That being said, one basic requirement of every citizen in this country is to go to school and acquire basic knowledge. In addition to that, a few states in this country have taken it upon themselves to offer quality education to people who are willing to learn.

In the past few decades, states from the southern part of the country have provided high-quality education to their students while states from the northern part of the country have offered poor-quality education to their students. Without beating around the bush, read further below to know the top ten most educated states in Nigeria as of 2023.

Most Educated States in Nigeria

1. Imo State

You cannot deny the fact that Imo state hasn’t produced recognized citizens in the country for the past few decades. Amazingly, Imo state still tops the list after so many years of being number one. The capital, which is, Owerri, is known to possess the best secondary and tertiary institutions in the eastern part of the country.

In terms of statistics, the state with the highest percentage of graduate degree holders and bachelor’s degree holders is Imo state. Now, if you are not convinced that it is not feasible for Imo state to top the list, just keep in mind that the literacy level is set at 96.43 percent, which is certainly the highest in the country.

Some of the institutions we can recommend to you are as follows;

  1. Technological Skills Acquisition Institute, Orlu
  2. Federal Polytechnic, Nekede
  3. Federal University of Technology

2. Lagos State

When we discuss something positive in the country, we certainly cannot leave out Lagos state. In terms of the literacy level in the country, Lagos State comes second with 96.30 percent. As we all know, Lagos state is among the most developed states in the country and it is also Nigeria’s economic and commercial hub.

Also, the most recognized government institutions and companies in the country are located in this state and as a result of that, a lot of schools are determined to offer high-quality education to their students.

Some of the popular schools we have in the state include the following;

  1. Chrisland Schools
  2. King college/ Queen’s college
  3. Lagos State university
  4. University of Lagos


3. Anambra State

Another state in the country that will deliver high-quality education to its students in Anambra state. In terms of the literacy level, it is set at 95.76 percent. Anambra state is well recognized for producing entrepreneurs and businessmen from their various institutions. Of course, the most popular institution in the state is the Nnamdi Azikwe University.

Well, other qualified institutions you can find in the state are as follows;

  1. Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University
  2. Anambra State Polytechnic
  3. Federal Polytechnic Oko
  4. Madonna University

4. Oyo State

As long as it concerns high-quality education, Oyo state is the fourth-best state in the country. The main reason is that the literacy level is set at 94.24 percent. If you must know, the first and the current leading tertiary institution in the country is from Oyo state, that is, the University of Ibadan. This school does not only offer high-quality education but ensures that all courses in the school are accredited.

Most of the top quality schools in the state are located in the capital, that is, Ibadan. And as a result of that, the schools in the state are not only recognized as top quality schools in the country but in the world at large.

5. Rivers State

Most times when people sit down to discuss Rivers state, they usually talk about oil and gas. Why is that so? Well, Rivers state is Nigeria’s main income generator. Having this in mind, you are more or less certain that the country’s budget is heading to the education sector to maintain these resources.

In terms of literacy levels, it is set at 92.11 percent. This makes it the 5th best state in terms of offering high-quality education.

6. Ogun State

The state that has produced the most academic personalities in the country is Ogun State. One good example is Olusegun Obasanjo Abiodun. He was the former president of the country. In terms of literacy levels, it is set at 90.57 percent.

7. Enugu State

Nsukka, which is the Nigeria’s own University of Nigeria is located in the state. Enugu state is on the list because it possesses top-quality schools that offer a high standard of learning. Some of the top-quality schools in the state include;

  1. Enugu State University of Technology and University of Nigeria (NSUKKA)
  2. Institute of Management Technology

8. Delta State

One major challenge Delta state encounters is the oil and gas. That is why the state set education as a priority. In terms of the literacy level, it is set at 89.50 percent.

Some of the quality educational institutions in the state include the following;

  1. College of Education, Agbor
  2. Federal University of Petroleum Resources
  3. Delta State University

9. Akwa-Ibom State

Another state which offers a high standard of learning is Akwa-Ibom. It is located in the southern part and coastal region of the country. As we all know, most of her earnings come from petroleum. And the reason for that is due to the investment the government made in their educational sector.

In terms of the literacy level, it is set at 88.90 percent. Also, some o the famous institutions in the state are as follows;

  1. Akwa-Ibom State Polytechnic
  2. University of Uyo
  3. Akwa-Ibom State University of Technology

10. Osun State

Even though the land size of the state is not as large as other states on the list, it still offers high-quality education. The reason is that the state set education as a top priority. In terms of the literacy level, it is set at 88.30 percent. And some of the popular institutions you can find in the state are as follows;

  • Obafemi Awolowo University
  • Adeleke University
  • Bowen University



If you want to study in the best schools or acquire your certificate in a very good school, then you need to consider studying in any of the states listed above.

There you have the list of most educated states in Nigeria.