Top 10 Logistics Companies In Lagos (2022)

Logistics companies are basically found everywhere in Lagos. It is the center of trade in Nigeria and the ports in Lagos are always busy. The Logistics companies are basically acting as risk-takers, they help deliver products from time to time to companies involved in the import and export of goods and they are responsible for all the risk factors that may occur in the course of delivery hence they are called risk-takers.

Logistics company’s functions range from order processing, materials handling, warehousing, inventory control, transportation, packaging e.t.c. Logistics companies can sometimes act as courier companies also and they are involved in the total supply chain between the points of origin and point of consumption. Logistics is one of the most sought-after management skills in the modern world and they are needed for any company operation to run smoothly.

As we all know Lagos is the happening place and once more we are going to bring you all the good logistics companies you and your company can work with. These are companies that have a proven success rate, a good enough customer base, and also good reviews from customers that have tested them.

Top 10 Logistics Companies In Lagos

  • Distinctcushy Freight
  • Aerologistics
  • GIG Logistics
  • MDS Logistics
  • GEX Logistics
  • Tegaxpress General Logistics Company
  • TSL Logistics and Supply Chain
  • FOB Global Logistics
  • Zippy Urban Logistics
  • Airex Logistics

1. Distinctcushy Freight

An international company that has its Lagos Office located at Maritime Options Office, Apapa, Lagos. The company is involved in international door-to-door shipping services. And their company ranges from the pickup, shipping through customs, clearing, delivery of imported goods. The company has a lot of connections in different countries over the world.

It is also a major player in air freight forwarding, sea freight forwarding, shipping cost-effectiveness, customs clearing, door-to-door shipping, project procurement, and cars shipping and clearing. We can say they are a jack of all trades a good skill to have to keep customers happy.

 2. Aerologistics

Incorporated in the year 2006, Aerologistics is one of the leading logistics companies in the state. It is also one of the leading aviation logistics in Lagos. They have taken aviation logistics at the scruff of its neck and made it their personal dominant area of expertise.

Aerologistics offer a wide range of air logistics services which include ticketing, travel, passenger services, air ambulance, express mail/courier, tours, and car hire. Aerologistics helicopter tours are one of the most sought-after around the country and the world. The Lagos office is located at suite C 247 Ikota Business Complex, VGC, Lagos.

 3. GIG Logistics

This is the first indigenous delivery company in this article, it was established in 2012. It is often regarded as Africa’s leading Logistics Company, it has a reputation of being on-time with deliveries and ensure to deliver packages in perfect conditions. Just like its parent company GIG motors, it is a reputation for delivering to a fault, it functions as an operator with the best knowledge of the domestic environment, they are ready to compete with other globally-rated logistics companies in Nigeria.

The Lagos office of the company is located at Sunday Ogunyade Street, Gbagada, Lagos. Some of the major services the company offers also include E-Commerce Logistics, courier solutions, and international courier services. They also have modern tracking facilities to ensure your goods are in safe hands. With connections in over 230 countries over the world, GIG is a major go-to Logistics Company in Lagos.

4. MDS Logistics

MDS Logistics is one of the leading logistics companies in Lagos. MDS specializes in handling every part of the supply chain to the point of consumption and their services include Pharmaceutical Logistics, warehousing, Haulage, Distribution, Project Management, and telecommunication Logistics.

5. GEX Logistics

 GEX is another indigenous delivery company that efficiently delivers packages especially for e-retailers and online platforms, it has maintained a reputation for providing first-class, cost-effective and efficient logistics solutions to its clients, its services are tailored to meet clients’ needs and satisfaction. Using the shipping rate calculator, you can get a quote on the good you want to ship; making it easier for you to budget accurately for it. You can track your goods using a tracking number and you can use either payment on delivery or credit/debit card payment. The Lagos office is located at Seriki Ako Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.

6. Tegaxpress General Logistics Company

The company is a new fish in the logistics pond as it was just founded in the year 2020. The Lagos office is located at Ikosi Ketu, Lagos, and even though a new and relatively small company, they have a team of model professionals and world-class delivery service.

The company offers services such as fast dispatch of goods, help their customers plan business support solutions that will be unique for each client, managing things for their clients from the point of origin to the point of consumption. As the company is still relatively small, they have more time to take care of each customer’s needs.

7. TSL Logistics and Supply Chain

TSL Logistics is an African company and just recently had a branch in Lagos. The company does all the logistics processes well, they provide the dispatch of products from start to finish, provide a tracking system, and make sure the delivery is accurate and on time.

The Lagos office is located at 16 Billings Way, Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos. The company is a big player in the petroleum distribution logistics process as they are responsible for distributing 20% of Petroleum within Africa, and the company is also a proud owner of 12 fueling aircraft at major airports and over 750 trucks distributing Oil and Gas.

8. FOB Global Logistics

FOB Global is a solution-based Logistics Company. They help their clients think of solutions that help them with having a smooth chain of supply from point of origin to the point of consumption. The company was originally established in 1970 as Napak Nigeria Limited but was later rebranded as FOB Global in the year 2016.

They have technical partners in over 100 countries around the globe and the Lagos office is located at Sholanke, Off Airport Road, Ikeja, Lagos. They are also involved in transportation services across all regions of the world.

9. Zippy Urban Logistics

Zippy logistics is almost as speedy and efficient as the name suggests. It is located in Olabode George Street, Lagos. Zippy is the epitome of technology and they offer a wide range of services to its customers which include; customer interface, tracking systems, warehouse Information Systems, returns management e.t.c. Zippy Logistics aims to break down supply chain barriers and create a good relationship between all the parties involved.

10. Airex Logistics

It is the subsidiary of an international company incorporated in Nigeria to provide services such as warehousing, Haulage and transport, Supply chain management, Inventory Management, and Inspection. They also specialize in crafting logistics solutions to unique customer needs.

The Lagos office is located at Adenekan Street, Okota, Lagos. And they also provide additional services such as Shipping Services, Freight Forwarding, and clearing Services.



The Logistics industry in Lagos is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and it is projected to be worth over a billion dollars in 2023. This shows how important and effective the industry has been in recent years. Many new companies get established every year that is why this article will give you general knowledge and insight when making decisions in choosing a Logistics company.