Level 8 Salary in Nigeria (2023)

The Nigerian civil service job level is graded in a particular system. The essence is to place every employee at the level that befits their qualification and skill. Most importantly, the grade level help to break down the payment of each employee.

For this reason, the Nigerian government, in the bid to quickly pay the salary of their employees, created the system of paying employees by job level was established. The base payment was revised, and the new base payment is 30,000 Naira which is the official National Minimum Wage Per month. However, our interest in discussion is about Grade Level 8 salary in Nigeria.

What is Level 8 Salary in Nigeria

Level Salary (Naira)
Entry Level 120,000
Experienced 350,000

It is a normal phenomenon that most professionals in Nigeria desire to work in government establishments rather than private establishments. Many reasons are given, but the chief reasons are job security and because of the payment.

However, the salary at the entry level is insufficient, but as you rise in job level, so does your salary increase.

In Nigeria, the Civil Service of both federal and state is divided into levels, and there are about 17-grade levels. It begins from Grade Level 1 (lowest) to Grade 17 (highest).

Grade level 01 to Grade level 06 jobs are minor jobs requiring no educational qualification but skills; on the other hand, they are meant for those with secondary certification and below.

Grade level 08 jobs is usually the starting level for those with a Diploma or NCE qualification. Those with a bachelor’s or master’s degree start at grade levels 08 and 09, respectively.

With the breakdown above, we will now discuss unveiling level 08 salary in Nigeria.

An employer’s salary is the amount paid to an organization’s employees. The amount to be paid is usually stated on the offer letter. In Nigeria, the common payment method is salary and it is usually paid towards or at the end of the month.

In Nigeria, the salary scale is based on the new national minimum wage from what it used to be. The new minimum wage applies to those working at the federal and state government organizations.

Level 8 Salary in Nigeria

From what we gathered, grade level 08 employees may have a salary level ranging from 120,000 Naira and 350,000 Naira per month.

There is a tendency for you to be satisfied with the level 8 salary. Still, suppose you are not and want to earn more money every month. In that case, you must work hard and demonstrate a solid commitment to being promoted early enough.

As you progress through the steps (steps 1-15), your salary rises, as does your job level. In short, higher ranks imply higher pay.

However, please keep in mind that level 08 salaries in Nigeria, both federal and state, vary greatly depending on the profession. The level 08 salary for medical officers differs from that of an engineer or teacher.

Where can they Work?

There are numerous government establishments where you can work if you are a civil servant or want to work in the civil service, whether at the state or federal level.

So, if you are a level 08 employee in Nigeria, you can work in any organization that requires your specialization. Every government organization in Nigeria has a position for level 08 employees, such as:

  • Academic institutions
  • Biotechnological organizations
  • Engineering organizations
  • Financial institution
  • Government agencies and more
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Manufacturing organizations
  • Military and paramilitary agencies
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Research agencies and facilities

These are just a few places where level 08 employees can work. Because our discussion is focused on Nigeria’s job-level grading system, we have highlighted the various areas where they can work above.

Types of Jobs available for Level 8

We’ve mentioned consistently in this informative piece that level 08 is a category for professionals who work with government establishments at the state or federal level.

Knowing that the Nigerian government has established a variety of professional occupations, you will find level 8 professionals in all of these organizations.

This means that there are numerous job opportunities for level 08 employees, such as:

  • Engineers
  • Lawmakers
  • Lecturers/teachers
  • Legal practitioners
  • Medical and paramedical personnel
  • Military and paramilitary officers
  • Oil and gas professionals

The above jobs are just a few examples; the list is long because there are numerous government-established organizations in Nigeria where level 08 employees perform various tasks based on their professional specializations and or areas of employment.

Roles / Duties of a Level 8

Level 08 employees work across the various organizations established by the Nigerian government at the state and federal levels.

A medical doctor’s role in a healthcare facility is distinct from a teacher or lecturer in an academic institution. As a result, the part of these professionals is determined by the organizations in which they work. Furthermore, the role varies from organization to organization.

So, during your orientation and induction into the organization, you will learn about the roles and responsibilities of a level 08 employee.

How to become a Level 8

Before beginning any endeavor, you must make proper findings to take the right steps in your journey to build a career.

First and foremost, you must be educated. This can be accomplished through formal training in an academic institution. You will be trained and influenced with knowledge and skills in a specific profession in a university or polytechnic or any other professional college in Nigeria or abroad.

To enroll in a university or other tertiary academic institution in Nigeria, follow these steps:

  1. Finish your secondary education by obtaining your O’level certification with a minimum five credit pass in the subject combination of the course you want to study.
  2. Attend the UTME and Post-UTME exams.
  3. Enroll in a university, polytechnic, or other professional colleges in Nigeria or abroad for 4 or 5 years of undergraduate studies; it may be longer depending on your course.
  4. National Youth Service for one year.
  5. Note that some professions (i.e., medicine, lawyer, etc.) require you to enroll in additional programs and licenses before you begin to practice.

Once you have completed your educational training and obtained your certification as proof of completion, you can apply for a job in any government-owned organization where your expertise is required.

Most job openings are posted online, either on the official websites of individual organizations or on job advertising websites. Some jobs require you to apply in person by submitting hard copy application documents.

Go through the process and are thriving. You will go through orientation and induction to be familiar with the job environment and be informed about the type of job you will be doing in the organization.

Required Skills 

Aside from the knowledge you acquired during your academic training, it is essential that you also develop skills, as they are required in most professions. Before you start looking for work, you should ensure that you have the necessary skills.

The general required skills are listed below, regardless of the organization where you work as a level 08 employee. They are as follows:

  • Analytical skill
  • Communication skill
  • Computer skill
  • Creative skill
  • Interpersonal skill
  • Problem-solving skill
  • Time management

Those are the basic skills you need to possess. However, the skill set required for a level 08 employee varies by profession, and the listed above are necessary regardless of your organization.



We have reached the end of our discourse about grade level 8 salary in Nigeria. Now that you know how the Nigerian civil service job level is graded and a broad overview of how much they earn. Level 8 salary is impressive more than those of level 01 to level 07. Also, depending on your academic qualification, you can be employed at entry-level level 8.