Top 10 IT Companies In Lagos (2023)

IT is a very wide term with diverse branches under computer science. It involves the use of science in the industry to invent useful things or to solve problems. IT also uses programs that run on a computer and the computer itself to bring about functional productiveness.  Unlike a software company that only addresses programs that run on computer systems, IT Companies in Lagos help to address all the above-mentioned factors.  This use to bring about mystification to people in that both Companies are under the same industry, then why do they perform different functions?. Despite the fact that both industries are in the same area, an IT company and a Software company perform different functions. Let’s take a look at the difference between both countries.

IT Companies In Lagos

1. MTN

There’s no need to go into the introduction of the MTN global network, it is a very popular network not only in Lagos but in Nigeria. This company has been in existence long before other IT Companies commenced operation. MTN social network is owned by South Africa but they have a branch here in Nigeria and in almost all states if not all. Apart from Nigeria, MTN company has been established in other countries in Africa.

However, the operation of this IT company fully commenced in the year 2001 with their headquarters in Lagos. They were given freedom of operation by the Nigerian Communication Corporation to act in Nigeria. The services that this IT company provides are phone retail services, international roaming, data services, and others. This company is very broad and wide, which makes them distinct from all others. Their head office is located at  Golden plaza, Ikoyi Lagos, Nigeria.

2. Globacom Nigeria

Globacom Nigeria was the first company to use technology that deals with telecommunication in Nigeria. A while after MTN started its operation it came into establishment. After some time it was able to create a specialized market for itself and then become one of the leading telecommunication companies. Their services include data services and telephone services. Their head office is located in Lagos, with offices in other countries like Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Togo, etc. Glo companies have cables under the water which is able to provide a fast internet connection to all Glo users around West Africa.

3. 9Mobile (Etisalat)

9Mobile is another broad IT Company in Lagos, Nigeria with a head office in Lagos. The company was established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and then and then it brought its operations to Africa. 9Mobile started operations in Nigeria in the year 2008, providing services such as data services, international roaming services, GSM services. Eti Osa in Lagos is the head office of 9Mobile in Nigeria. The company has diverse broadband services which make them stand out from other JT Companies.

4. Airtel Nigeria

Airtel Nigeria is a very big and important IT company in Nigeria, providing services like data, international roaming services, and others. The company was established first in India before it brought its operation to Nigeria with its headquarters in Lagos State. In the year 2010, they commenced operation.

5. Google

Google is the largest computer program used for searching for information on the internet. Google might look like a foreign thing but it has an establishment in Lagos, Nigeria. They are the largest search engine and no one has been able to supersede them ever since. America is where Google started out at first and now it is known in various countries including Nigeria. It provides services like software online search, online advertising, cloud computing, and lots more.

6. Ericsson Nigeria

Ericsson Nigeria has its services in many countries of the world, but the company started its operation firstly in Sweden. Its services are used across the board, providing a number of services, some of which include cable TV, video systems, operations, mobile, telecommunication, and so on. Ericsson Nigeria is located at Carrington Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos State Nigeria.

7. Interswitch Limited

Interswitch Limited is a very big IT company in Nigeria, with its Nigerian head office in Lagos State. In the year 2002, operations of Interswitch Limited started in Nigeria. The company has different parts working together as a unit and it’s a company that helps in processing transactions, technology integration, and lots more. The location of their Nigerian headquarters in Lagos is at Oke Owo close, Victoria Island, Lagos State.

8. IBM Nigeria

IBM stands for International Business Machine. The company was first domiciled in the United States but luckily now it has many branches in Nigeria, with headquarters in Lagos State. They also have Companies that they own and control in other countries. They deal in computer hardware, software, and others. Their services include consulting services, hosting, and cloud computing. Their office at Lagos is at Karimu Ikotun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

9. Mainone

Mainone is another Information Technology company in Nigeria established in the year 2010. It is an aboriginal IT Company that helps to provide the sales of Internet service in large quantities to people. They have cables underwater which is from Portugal to South Africa, the function of the cable is to provide a high level of connection.

10. Data Flex

Data flex is an information technology company that has been in operation for a long period of time. Supplying technology products to their customers was what they first started with. However they have gone farther than that, they are now involved in offering services to middle-sized and large-sized organizations. Their office is at Murin Okunola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.


What does an IT company do?

IT is a short term for Information Technology. It helps in controlling and governing the use of schemes, storing of information, and also the recovering and passing of information.

What does a Software Company do?

A software company uses the entire set of programs, procedures, and related documentation associated with a system and especially a computer system, specifically, a computer system. The software company helps to deal with technology, allocation, and product progress.