109 Igbo Names And Meaning

In Nigeria, the Igbo people are one of the country’s most prominent ethnic groups. Igbos make up 18 percent of Nigeria’s population, or 32 million of the country’s 177 million people.

They’re concentrated in the South Eastern part of Nigeria, but you’ll find them in every state.

It’s worth noting that the Igbo have unique surnames. These names are frequently referred to as having profound meanings.

For Igbo parents who are trying to decide on a name for their unborn child, you’ve come to the right place.

Here we’ve compiled a list of a hundred significant Igbo names, along with their corresponding meanings.

100 Igbo Names And Meanings

  1. Adaeze (Ada, Dee Dee, Deze, Daisy): Daughter of a King/Princess
  2. Adaego (Ada, Ego): Daughter of wealth
  3. Adaku (Ada, Aku): Daughter born into wealth/ to bring wealth to the family
  4. Munachimso: I’m with my God
  5. Gosife: Show me the way
  6. Chimamanda: My God will never fail
  7. Chiachogomnma(Nma): God has decorated me/God has beautified me
  8. Chiagozie (Agozie, Gozie, Gozzy, GorGor): God has blessed me
  9. Chiamaka (Chy, Amy, Maka, Makky): God is beautiful/good
  10. Adaolisa (Ada): God’s daughter
  11. Adaora (Ada, Dora, Adorable): The people’s daughter
  12. Afamefuna: My name wouldn’t vanish
  13. Anwuli: Joy
  14. Anwulichukwu (Anwuli): Joy of the lord
  15. Anwulika (Anwuli): My joy is great/Joy is greater
  16. Kanayochukwu & Nebolisa: The names mean “Let’s keep begging God” and “Look up to God”.
  17. Kamtochukwu & Chikaima: “Let me praise the Lord” and “It’s God alone we know”.
  18. Dike & Achebe: “a brave man” and “to protect”.
  19. Apunanwu (Apu, Nana): Precious girl/beautiful girl
  20. Azuka (Azu, Zukky, Zuka): Confidence/Well experienced
  21. Binyelum(Binye, Nye Nye): Stay with me
  22. Chetachi (Cheta): Remember God
  23. Chiasoka (Chy, Sokky, Asoka): God is too sweet
  24. Chiazakam (Chiaza): God answered me well
  25. Chiazokam (Chiazor, Chizzy, Kam Kam): God saved me well
  26. Adamma (Ada, Mma, Nma): Beautiful daughter
  27. Adanna (Ada, Danna, Danny): Her father’s daughter
  28. Chimamanda (Amanda, Mandy, Ama, Amy,Chy): My God will not fail
  29. Chimasoka (Asoka): My God is too sweet
  30. Chimbusomma (Buso, Buu Buu, Somma, Nma, Chy): My God is so beautiful
  31. Chimdi/Chidi (Dee Dee, Chy): My God is a living God/ is alive
  32. Adanne (Ada, Nne Nne): Her mother’s daughter
  33. Adaobi (Ada, Dobis, Dobby): First daughter in the family compound (obi)
  34. Chidumeje (Dumeje, CJ, Chidum): The Lord leads me
  35. Chielotem (Chielo, Elo, Lotem, Lo Lo): God has remembered me
  36. Chigozie (Gozie, Gozzy, Chy): Bless me oh lord
  37. Chijioke (Chijy, Jioke, Chy): God holds my share/talent/blessings
  38. Chimdiomimi (Chimdi, Mimi): My God is mysterious
  39. Chimdiuto (Diuto): My God is sweet
  40. Chimedaramobi (Chimedaram, Dara): God consoled me/comforted me
  41. Chimeremma (Chimere, Mma): God has done something good
  42. Chimeremoñu (Chy, Chimere): God made me happy/joyous
  43. Uzochi & Uzoma: “God’s way” and “good way.”
  44. Ebele & Ifunanya: “mercy, kindness” and “love”.
  45. Chizoba & Ngozi: “God protect us” and “blessing”.
  46. Amara & Anuli: “grace” and “joy.”
  47. Chimereya (Mereya, Chimere, Reya, Chime): God did it!
  48. Chimfumnanya (Fumnanya, Nanya, Fummy, Chy): My God loves me
  49. Chimkarifa/Chimkalifa (Kari, Karifa, Kalifa): My God is greater than them
  50. Chimsonari (Sonari, Sor Sor, Narry, Ary, Chy): My God is the sweetest
  51. Chimuanya (Muanya, Chy): My God is awake
  52. Chimzuruoke (Zuruoke, Zuru): My God is complete
  53. Chinaraekene (Nara, Ekene, Chinara): May God receive all the praise
  54. Chinazaekpere/Chinasa (Chy, Nasa/Naza, Chinny, Ekpere): God answers prayers
  55. Chinazor (Nazor, Chinny ): God saves
  56. Chinelo (Chinny, Nelly, Nelo): God thinks for me/ In God’s thoughts
  57. Chinemerem (Chy, Nemerem, Neme): God will continue to do for me
  58. Chinenye (Nenye, Nye Nye, Chy, Chinny): God gives
  59. Chinonso (Chy, Nor Nor, Nonso): God is near
  60. Chinuruekperem (Chinuru, Nuru, Nunu): God heard my prayers
  61. Chinwendu (Wendy, Chy, Chinwe, Chinny): Life belongs to God
  62. Chinwekene (Chy, Chinny,Ekene, Kene, Kenny): All praise belongs to God
  63. Chinyere/Chinyelu (Nye Nye, Chy, Chinny): God’s gift/God has given me
  64. Chioma (Oma, Chy): Good God!
  65. Chisimdi (Simdy, Chy): God says I shall live
  66. Chisimñuria (Chisim, ñuria): God gave me a cause to celebrate
  67. Chisom (Sommy, Som Som, Chy): God is with me
  68. Kamsiyochukwu: Just what I asked God for
  69. Mmesomachukwu: God’s goodness
  70. Ifeychukwukwuru: What God has said
  71. Chisombiri (Sombiri): God lives with me
  72. Chukwubuzo (Chibuzo, Chibby, Uzo): God is First/God is the Way
  73. Chukwuma: God knows best
  74. Chukwumeziauzo (Mezia, Mezy, Uzo): God, straighten my path
  75. Ekwueme: He does what he says.
  76. Esomchi: I will follow God.
  77. Dilibe (Ibe): May you be helpful to people, friends and families.
  78. Chimkasi (Kasi): My God is the greatest
  79. Chimkasimma/Chimkachamma (Kasimma, Kachamma, Kassy): My God is the best
  80. Chimkasiuto (Kasiuto, kasi, uto): My God is the sweetest
  81. Chimkezirim (Keziri, Kezz): My God created me well
  82. Chimmaranma (Nma): My God is beautiful
  83. Ibezimako (Ibe): People have taught me a lesson/wisdom.
  84. Ifechukwu (Ifeh): Light of God/Love of God
  85. Ifesinachi: Gift from God.
  86. Ikenna: Power of God
  87. Iyorachukwu (Yora): Ask God for all
  88. Jayamma (Jaya, Jay, Mma): Give praises to God
  89. Chizaramekpere/Ozaram (Zara, Chizzy): God answered my prayers
  90. Chizirimuzo (Ziri, Chizzy, Uzo): God showed me the way/ God directed my path
  91. Chukwubuikem: God is my strength.
  92. Kasiobi (Kassie): Strong of heart
  93. Kelechi: Thank God
  94. Kenechukwu (Kenny, KC): Thank the Lord
  95. Kosidinna/Kosisochukwu (KD, Kosi, Cossy, Osi, Dinna): As it pleases the Lord.
  96. Ndidi: Patience
  97. Ngozi: Blessing
  98. Nkeiruka: The best is still to come.
  99. Nkemdilim (Kemdy): Let mine be precious to me
  100. Nnamdi: Reincarnation of the father.
  101. Nwadimkpa: This child is important
  102. Nwakego (Kego): A child is priceless
  103. Obi: Heart
  104. Okeke: Born on Eke market day
  105. Okonkwo: Born on Nkwo market day.
  106. Uzoamaka: The road/journey is good
  107. Adaeze & Adanna: “king’s daughter” and “father’s daughter”.
  108. Akachi & Akuchi: “the hand of God’ while the second means “wealth from God”.
  109. Oluchi & Chioma: “God’s work” and “good God.”


So, here you have the list of Igbo names and their meaning, if you have anyone to add, or we have skipped them, you may let us know via the comment section below.