Igbo Names For Twins

For Igbo children, what is the best name to give them? Are you curious to know what Igbo names for twins you can give to your twins children as an Igbo parents? This article has more information about them.

Finding the perfect name for your child is a difficult task that every parent must face. When it comes to picking a name for your baby, you aren’t just looking for a unique and memorable one; you also want something beautiful and meaningful. It is widely accepted that a child’s name has a significant impact on his or her future. Rather than settling on a cute sounding name at random, parents search for names with deeper meanings and then agree on which ones to use for their children.

That’s why it usually takes a while, and most mom and dad search for good names everywhere.

This is why we’ve decided to save you the trouble of searching for Igbo names for twins as well as their meanings. There is no better place to get the information you need if you are expecting a baby soon, or perhaps even twins, and are looking for a name for them than here.

Igbo Names For Twins

Nebolisa and Kanayochukwu.

Among other names and their meanings, you can also check out these two which basically mean “look up to God,” and “Let’s keep begging God.” If you are religious, this might be your best choice.

Achebe and Dike.

The first one means “to protect” while the second one is “a brave man.” This can be a great set of names for your kids.

Kelechi and Chigozie.

These ones literally translate to ‘praise God’ and ‘God bless’.

Ifesinachi and Osondu.

These two have a great meaning as well: the first name can be translated as “things are from God,” while the other one stands for “running life’s race.”

Gbolibe and Okwudilichukwu.

These two are great names for believers as well given that the first name means “rejoice” while the second stands for “let the word be to God alone.” Pretty amazing, don’t you think?

Chikaima and Kamtochukwu.

These ones mean “It’s God alone we know” and “Let me praise the Lord.”

  • Chimdiuto (Diuto): My God is sweet
  • Chimedaramobi (Chimedaram, Dara): God consoled me/comforted me
  • Chimeremma (Chimere, Mma): God has done something good
  • Chimeremoñu (Chy, Chimere): God made me happy/joyous
  • Uzochi & Uzoma: “God’s way” and “good way.”
  • Ebele & Ifunanya: “mercy, kindness” and “love”.
  • Chizoba & Ngozi: “God protect us” and “blessing”.
  • Amara & Anuli: “grace” and “joy.”


  • Chinazaekpere/Chinasa (Chy, Nasa/Naza, Chinny, Ekpere): God answers prayers
  • Chinazor (Nazor, Chinny ): God saves
  • Chinelo (Chinny, Nelly, Nelo): God thinks for me/ In God’s thoughts
  • Chinemerem (Chy, Nemerem, Neme): God will continue to do for me
  • Chinenye (Nenye, Nye Nye, Chy, Chinny): God gives
  • Chinonso (Chy, Nor Nor, Nonso): God is near
  • Chinuruekperem (Chinuru, Nuru, Nunu): God heard my prayers
  • Chinwendu (Wendy, Chy, Chinwe, Chinny): Life belongs to God
  • Chinwekene (Chy, Chinny,Ekene, Kene, Kenny): All praise belongs to God
  • Chinyere/Chinyelu (Nye Nye, Chy, Chinny): God’s gift/God has given me
  • Chioma (Oma, Chy): Good God!
  • Chisimdi (Simdy, Chy): God says I shall live
  • Chisimñuria (Chisim, ñuria): God gave me a cause to celebrate
  • Chisom (Sommy, Som Som, Chy): God is with me
  • Kamsiyochukwu: Just what I asked God for
  • Mmesomachukwu: God’s goodness
  • Ifeychukwukwuru: What God has said
  • Chisombiri (Sombiri): God lives with me
  • Chukwubuzo (Chibuzo, Chibby, Uzo): God is First/God is the Way
  • Chukwuma: God knows best
  • Chukwumeziauzo (Mezia, Mezy, Uzo): God, straighten my path
  • Ekwueme: He does what he says.
  • Esomchi: I will follow God.
  • Dilibe (Ibe): May you be helpful to people, friends and families.
  • Chimkasi (Kasi): My God is the greatest
  • Chimkasimma/Chimkachamma (Kasimma, Kachamma, Kassy): My God is the best
  • Chimkasiuto (Kasiuto, kasi, uto): My God is the sweetest
  • Chimkezirim (Keziri, Kezz): My God created me well
  • Chimmaranma (Nma): My God is beautiful
  • Ibezimako (Ibe): People have taught me a lesson/wisdom.
  • Ifechukwu (Ifeh): Light of God/Love of God
  • Ifesinachi: Gift from God.
  • Ikenna: Power of God
  • Iyorachukwu (Yora): Ask God for all
  • Jayamma (Jaya, Jay, Mma): Give praises to God
  • Chizaramekpere/Ozaram (Zara, Chizzy): God answered my prayers
  • Chizirimuzo (Ziri, Chizzy, Uzo): God showed me the way/ God directed my path
  • Chukwubuikem: God is my strength.
  • Kasiobi (Kassie): Strong of heart
  • Kelechi: Thank God
  • Kenechukwu (Kenny, KC): Thank the Lord
  • Kosidinna/Kosisochukwu (KD, Kosi, Cossy, Osi, Dinna): As it pleases the lord.
  • Ndidi: Patience
  • Ngozi: Blessing
  • Nkeiruka: The best is still to come.
  • Nkemdilim (Kemdy): Let mine be precious to me
  • Nnamdi: Reincarnation of the father.
  • Nwadimkpa: This child is important
  • Nwakego (Kego): A child is priceless
  • Obi: Heart
  • Okeke: Born on Eke market day
  • Okonkwo: Born on Nkwo market day.
  • Uzoamaka: The road/journey is good
  • Adaeze & Adanna: “king’s daughter” and “father’s daughter”.
  • Akachi & Akuchi: “the hand of God’ while the second means “wealth from God”.
  • Oluchi & Chioma: “God’s work” and “good God.”



So, if you have given birth to twins or you are expecting a twins and you are thinking of an Igbo names for twins, we have save you that stress by looking up that list. If there are additional suggestion and recommendation you may include, you may share with us via the comment section down below.