100 Igbo Names For Girls And Meanings (2024)

During the first trimester of pregnancy, parents often come up with the funniest baby names. Despite your natural tendency to attach sentimental value to everything, try to resist the urge to name your adorable daughter after your favorite pain reliever.

We’re here to help you figure out things like, “What’s the best Igbo names for girls for my new baby?” Do you plan on naming your child after a relative? Is it appropriate to give the baby a name based on an event? Why don’t I give her the name of the network on which my favorite TV shows air? TRACEy sounds like a wonderful name!”

Too many variables are involved in choosing a child’s name. It’s important to remember that the names you choose for your children are influenced by many different factors, including their historical context.

When it comes to a baby’s birth, there are a number of factors that can influence its personality.

It’s not uncommon for parents to accept a baby name suggestion without first asking what it means.

First, I’d like to talk a little about the Igbos and child naming before going into the specifics of Igbo names and their meanings.

Southeastern Nigeria is home to the Igbo ethnic group, one of Nigeria’s most populous. Your choice of name for your child will have a profound effect on the person’s future life, according to Igbo culture.

Because of this and other customs, the Igbo people often gave their children names that commemorated significant occurrences in their lives at the time. Nowadays, in the Igbo community, children are given beautiful and godly names rather than local ones, and they are no longer named after their parents.

100 Igbo Names For Girls And Meanings

  1. Ifunanya – Love
  2. Ihuoma – One who is favored
  3. Ihuomachukwu – God’s favor.
  4. Ijeawele – A smooth journey.
  5. Eziamaka – One who believes that we get good things by going out
  6. Anwulika – My joy is great or joy is greater.
  7. Apunanwu – A precious and beautiful girl untainted by the sun.
  8. Binyelum – Stay with me
  9. Chiagozie – God has blessed me.
  10. Chiasoka – God is too sweet.
  11. Ifechiluru – What God has done
  12. Akwaugo – “my precious daughter
  13. Amaogechukwu – “God’s time is the best”
  14. Azuka – “we grow stronger with experience”
  15. Akumjeli – “I will enjoy that wealth”
  16. Ifechukwu – The light of God.
  17. Kairaluchukwu – Let’s leave it to God.
  18. Kaisoluchukwu – Let’s follow God.
  19. chinechezirim – God thinks well of me.
  20. Ezinne – The good mother.
  21. Amaka – Queen of ravishing beauty who is spontaneous and versatile by nature
  22. Chimamanda– My God will not fail
  23. Chikaima– It’s God we know
  24. Kamharida– May I not fall
  25. Kosisochukwu – However it pleases God
  26. Ifedimma – Something good
  27. Ifekristi – The light of Christ.
  28. Ifeyinwa – Nothing can be compared to a child.
  29. Ijemma – A good journey.
  30. Isioma – One who is fortunate and blessed
  31. Chisimdi – God says I shall live.
  32. Daberechi – Lean on God
  33. Isioma – “good luck”
  34. Onochie – “the one who replaces”
  35. Chukwunomso – which means “Lord is near me”
  36. Fumnanya – “love me”
  37. Uzoamaka – “a delightful journey” or “a smooth path”
  38. Daluchi – Thank God.
  39. Ekemma – One who was born on Eke market day
  40. Epkereamaka – One who finds prayer wonderful.
  41. Ginikawa/Ginikachukwu – “there’s nothing greater than a child” and “there’s nothing greater than the Lord”
  42. Chiazokam – God has saved me well.
  43. Chibinobim – God dwells in my heart.
  44. Chibundo – God is my shelter
  45. Chibuogu – God is my strength.
  46. Chichima – A sweet and precious girl.
  47. Chinechezirim – God thinks good of me
  48. Adaku – A girl born into a wealthy family or the one who brings wealth to the family.
  49. Adanna – Father’s daughter, given to the elder sister of a girl
  50. Adaobi – The first daughter in the family compound.
  51. Adaolisa – God’s daughter.
  52. Ezichi – Good God!
  53. Ezinne – The good mother.
  54. Ginika – What can be greater than God?
  55. Achebe – One who is protected by the Goddess
  56. Adaego – Daughter of wealth
  57. Adaeze – Princess, daughter of the king.
  58. Adaugo – Beautiful daughter or daughter of an eagle.
  59. Adaure – Daughter of Uruala, a town in Imo State.
  60. Addana – The younger sister of a girl
  61. Ahunna – One with the body of her father.
  62. Ezichi – Good God!
  63. Ndumzoronachukwu – I hide My life in God
  64. Zioranmachukwu -Show the world God’s beauty
  65. Kaimarachukwu – Let’s know God
  66. Obinaetochukwu – A heart that praises God
  67. Sochima – Only God Knows
  68. Chinagorom – God is my witness
  69. Chisomaga – God walks with me
  70. Chukwukasiemobi – God console my heart
  71. Somgolibe – Follow Me Rejoice
  72. Nmasinachi – Beauty Is From God
  73. Chidiuto – God Is Sweet
  74. Ifechidelu, Ifechukwukwurugeme – What God has written…God’s words must come to pass
  75. Ifechimererika – God’s works are endless
  76. Chigaemezu – God will fulfill
  77. Nwanyibuife – A woman is light
  78. Chisimdiri – God said I shall live
  79. Kachizamekpere – Let God answer my prayer
  80. Chizaramekpere – God answered my prayers
  81. Ekpereamaka – Prayer is beautiful
  82. Nwukaamaka – Children born on Sunday are beautiful
  83. Otitochukwu – In God’s Praise
  84. Otutuchukwu – Chant for God
  85. Chimdalu – Thank you my God
  86. Chinanuokum – God hear my calls
  87. Chinalu – God is at work
  88. Akummiriigwe – The Dew of Heaven
  89. Kamsiyochukwu – How I pleaded with God
  90. Chisomnazu – God is my protector
  91. Echioma – Brighter Tomorrow
  92. Enyichukwu – God’s friend
  93. Kaitochukwu – Let’s praise God
  94. Chimsimdili – My God said I shall live
  95. Oguguochukwu – Befriend God
  96. Makuochukwu – Embrace God
  97. Kachiside (Kachi) – As God has written
  98. Amaka – Queen of ravishing beauty
  99. Anwuli – Joy, a joyous and happy girl
  100. Anwulichukwu – Joy of the Lord.


Hopefully, you will be inspired by these Igbo names for girls and their meanings as you choose a name for your child. Share this list with the maternity wards to make sure it gets there.