150 Igbo Boy Names

usually when Igbo boy names are mentioned you tend to think what does the name implies. One’s name not only identifies them, but it also conveys their individuality. It is especially important for parents of Nigerian descent to seek out a baby’s name that reflects their heritage. To get you started, here is a list of the best Igbo boy’s names, complete with their meanings.

The Igbo, also known as the Ibo, are a Nigerian ethnic group who occupy the southern and central parts of the country. The Igbo people’s primary language is Igbo. Besides their language, Ibo people have a strong sense of belonging to their culture. They place a lot of importance on the name that is given to a child when they name them. This explains why any parent will find this list of Igbo boy’s names useful.

The majority of Igbo names have a specific connotation in mind. Their children’s names are based on these factors:

The events leading up to and immediately following the baby’s birth.

What were the parents’ conditions like when they gave birth to the child?

The place where the child was born.

The events leading up to the birth of the child.

Position of the child in relation to his other siblings.

You might want to take a look at these sweet Igbo boy names among the countless possibilities when it comes to naming your child.

When it comes to picking out a good Igbo boy names, these are some of the best options. The meanings of each term are also included in the list.

150 Igbo Boy Names

  1. Akachukwu: The hand of the Almighty Lord
  2. Akaolisa: The hand of God, the wealth of God
  3. Abaeze: Branch of kings
  4. Achebe: He who is under the protection of the Goddess
  5. Achike: Give praise to God
  6. Beluolisa: If not for God
  7. Akunna: The wealth belongs to my father
  8. Amaechi: No one knows tomorrow
  9. Bunkechukwu: The one who belongs to God
  10. Bugarachukwuekene: Carry all thanks to God
  11. Nnanyelugo: God has given victory/honour
  12. Nwabueze: A child is a king
  13. Afamefuna: My name will not be lost
  14. Akachi: The hand of God
  15. Nwachimereze: A child who God crowned King
  16. Nwaokocha: Child of a fair man
  17. Uzoma: Good
  18. Zeribe: Avoid bad people
  19. Zikoraifechukwu: Show the world the light of God
  20. Zimuzoo and Zimife: Show me the wa, Show me the light
  21. Amaka: King of ravishing gorgeousness who is versatile and spontaneous by nature
  22. Berechi: If not for the sake of God
  23. Belusochukwu: If not for the sake of God
  24. Chetachi: A man who always remembers the Lord
  25. Chibueze: God is king, God is the father
  26. Chibuzor: The Lord leads
  27. Tobenna: Worship the father
  28. Tobechukwu: Worship the Almighty
  29. Uchechukwu: The thoughts of God
  30. Uchenna: The thoughts of the father
  31. Chidozie: May the Lord fix it and make it good for you
  32. Chiekezie: Our heavenly father has made it for me
  33. Chidindu: Show the whole world that God is alive
  34. Chibuike: God is my strength
  35. Chibuikem: God is my power
  36. Chike: This is a short form of ‘chineke’ which means God the creator
  37. Debare: One born during good times
  38. Chidiebere: The Lord is glorious and great
  39. Chidiadi: God is present
  40. Ebubechukwu: The greatness and the glory of God
  41. Echezona: Do not forget
  42. Ejikeme: It is not by power or might
  43. Deberechi: Lean onto God
  44. Dikoma: A good-hearted warrior
  45. Chibidoro: Lord started
  46. Chikamso: I am following God
  47. Chukwueneka: God has been kind to us
  48. Chinedu: God leads
  49. Daluolisa: Thank you, lord
  50. Diarachukwundu: Live for God
  51. Ifemyolunna: Everything that I asked from the heavenly father
  52. Jachike: Hail God
  53. Jachimike: Hail my God
  54. Ekene: The one who receives a lot of praise
  55. Ezesinachi: The chief is from God.
  56. Ezeudo: King of peace
  57. Ezesinachi: The chief comes from above
  58. Ganiru: Good luck
  59. Golibe: Rejoice, a joyous fellow
  60. Gosifechukwu: Show the light of God to all
  61. Ikem: My strength
  62. Ikemba: Strangth of a nation
  63. Ifebuchechi: A display of god’s desire
  64. Ekenedilichukwu: Offer thanks to the almighty one
  65. Enyinnaya: A friend of his father
  66. Esomchi: One who follows in the footsteps of the Lord
  67. Gosioranachimdike: Show the world that my God is mighty
  68. Golibe: A joyous man
  69. Igwebuike: Strength in numbers
  70. Iwegbuna: Be glad
  71. Iheanacho: Everyone’s desire
  72. Ifeanyichukwu: God is most the powerful
  73. Ikemefuna: I shall not lose my strength
  74. Iwegbuna: Be glad
  75. Izuchukwu: God’s counsel
  76. Isinachi: You are from God
  77. Iben: Harmony
  78. Jidechukwu: Hold God
  79. Jidenna: Hold on to your father
  80. Jideofor: Hold on to your truth
  81. Kamdilichukwu: Let me live for God
  82. Kwento: A man who protects the name of his family getting destroyed
  83. Kamsiyonna: The way I asked
  84. Kanene: Let us look up to God
  85. Lotachi: Remember God
  86. Kanayochukwu: Let us keep begging from the lord
  87. Jamalamchike: Praise God for his strength
  88. Jayamma: Praise to the Lord
  89. Kachisicho: God’s desire
  90. Kambili: Let me live, or I shall live
  91. Kufreabasi: Do not forget God, one who always remembers God
  92. Kristibueze: Christ is the king
  93. Kaodinakachi: Leave your destiny to God
  94. Ndukaku: Life is more important than wealth
  95. Nnabuenyi: My father is great
  96. Nnabuife: My father is great
  97. Nnamdi: My father/ my God is alive
  98. Kelechi: Glorify God
  99. Kaetochukwu: May God be praised
  100. Lotanna: Remember the father or the God
  101. Lotachukwu: Remember God
  102. Machie: Replacement of a lost gem
  103. Maduenu: A term meaning The impermanence of life.
  104. Nwachukwu: God’s child
  105. Nwadinobichi: A child in God’s heart
  106. Nwaekerendu: The child destined to live
  107. Nwankpa/Nwadinkpa: Very important child
  108. Maduka: People are worth more than riches.
  109. Munachiso: I am with God
  110. Naetochukwu: Keep praising God
  111. Ndukwe: As long as there’s life
  112. Nkenna: Belongs to the father (God)
  113. Nkennanyerem: The one given to me by God
  114. Nkwwachi: God’s promise
  115. Nebechi: Looking up to God
  116. Nkemnasochukwu: Mine pleases God
  117. Nchedochukwu: God’s protection
  118. Munachimso: The one who always agrees with God
  119. Muonanu: The spirit can hear
  120. Ndubuisi: Life is important
  121. Nduka: Life is more precious
  122. Nwokeocha: A fair boy/man
  123. Nwokeoma: A handsome man
  124. Nkemakolam: May my own not leave
  125. Nwadiaso: This child is sweet
  126. Ochudo: He who chases after peace
  127. Nzubechukwu: God’s plan/God’s wish
  128. Nwabugwu: A child is a thing of pride
  129. Ndubueze: Life is king
  130. Oguchinalurum: The fight God fights for me
  131. Onyekachi: Who is bigger than God?
  132. Onyeneke: He who creates
  133. Osinachi: From God
  134. Okezika: Perfect creation from God
  135. Omezika: Perfect creation from God
  136. Okoro: Strong man
  137. Obiajulu: My heart is at peace
  138. Obiefune Ganiru: Full of good luck
  139. Okenna: Father’s share
  140. Oliseloka: God has thought well
  141. Onyedikachi: Who is like God
  142. Ogugua: Consolation
  143. Somadina: May I not be alone
  144. Somayina: May I not be or walk alone
  145. Sochimbuchi: My God is the only God
  146. Ugwu: Mountain
  147. Ume: Breath
  148. Uwazurike: Road
  149. Udo: Peace
  150. Uzodimma: The road is good


As an Igbo man or woman, you may need to name your child a good name with clear information in mind, with the above information, you may pick your desire name for your children.

So, that is all about Igbo boy names and all you need to know.