How To Verify Plate Number Owner In Nigeria

For every car owner in Nigeria, enrollment for plate numbers is a monumental thing to obtain. Every new car owner who wants to drive his or her car at any time or anywhere regardless of the country must make sure that he/she must first register for plate number. The purpose of this is to ensure peace of mind while driving without fear or worry of the Federal Road Safety Corporation breaking down their necks, or stopping them even when there is an important meeting or occasion to attend due to the absence of befitting documentation or evidence.

However, due to the need to quickly register and enroll for plate numbers, many car owners usually fall into the hands of ignorant misinformed, and dishonest practitioners of plate number enrollment. If this happens the fake enlistment dealer will not only rub them off their money but also expose them to the risk of being troubled by the apposite traffic authorities for giving them false documentation of the plate number register.

Let’s take a look at the step-by-step approach in verifying your car’s plate number in Nigeria by yourself without getting help from anyone.

How To Verify Plate Numbers In Nigeria

There are two known ways by which the plate number of a car can be verified in Nigeria, the two ways are:

  • Through the FRSC no plate verification website
  • Plate number verification through SMS

FRSC number plate verification through website method

  • Visit the FRSC plate number verification website in Nigeria.
  • Select and click on the ‘verify number plate’ box.
  • Enter your ‘Number plate’ information as instructed.
  • Then select and click on the ‘submit button.

After you have gone through the following steps carefully, you will be informed without any delay whether the plate number verification was successful, so make sure you input the correct number plate. Therefore there won’t be a problem if you put in the type the correct numbers and follow the laid out steps.

Why getting plate numbers is important in Nigeria

It is necessary to pass through the right way, course, and action of the apropos number plate registration sources so that the plate number verification for the car will be obtained through a process that is done without any problem and also to prevent harassment from the relevant traffic authorities. There is a maxim that goes by the saying ‘Haste is waste’, this maxim can be applied to car owners who are in a hurry to always obtain plate numbers and end up falling into wrong hands at the end. To prevent this, inquiry should be made from trusted sources that can guide one on how to register the plate number through the right and guaranteed sources.

Placing a plate number that is unable to be confirmed or verified can be very grievous, this can put the owner of the car in very serious trouble. Once they are caught by the traffic authorities, a sum will be imposed as punishment for the offense. As it has been said, the hazard of going to and fro on the road with an unconfirmed plate number is very grace. Nevertheless, you can confirm or substantiate the authenticity of the plate number by going directly to the Federal Road Safety Corporation (FRSC) number plate verification website or by checking the verification through text message.

Plate number verification through SMS

  • Send ‘verify plate number’ to the number 33324. For example, if the plate number is ‘LND532APP’ you will input ‘verify plate number LND532APP’ to 33324.
  • After this has been done, a text message will be sent back to you to confirm whether it is successful or not.

It is important to note that when imputing the plate number in the search engine, the text ‘verifyplateno’ must be typed together without any space that separates the letters. However, you don’t need to care whether the letters are in block letters or in lower case. Verification of plate numbers is something every car used should do to ensure the authenticity of the plate number.

How can I find the owner of a car by plate number in Nigeria?

Many times we have been in a scenario where we want to by all means find out the person behind the wheels of a car, probably due to their carefree and reckless driving. You might be very careful driving, that drives carefully with both hands on the wheels and always obeying traffic rules and regulations, however, we can’t say that is the same for all drivers. Some drivers are so reckless and drive like they didn’t pass through a driving class. This careless attitude of such drivers can then lead to a hit and run. There are many people that have been victims of road accidents, but unfortunately, the car owners behind the accident could not be caught for compensation. It is however important to note that the owner of a car can be identified through the car plate number of the supposed car.

Checking the plate number of cars can prove difficult because you can’t just access it anyhow, one must have a legal reason for doing so, this is only an exception for the officials at the Federal Road Safety Corporation. Even if you have a very tangible reason why you would want to check the plate number, you still can’t do so yourself. So if you would ever want to find the owner of a car through the plate number, you can follow the steps that will be listed below.

Narrating your case to a police station

This should be done by people who witnessed a road accident or a crime scene, and by luck were able to memorize the plate number of the car involved in the accident. Providing the police officials with that information will be a big lead for them in catching the culprit.

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Using a document backed up by court order to check plate number

This also involves you having to go to a police station to collect a document that has been backed up by a court order. This will therefore give you the opportunity to track the car owner through the car plate number, but without this number, it will be practically impossible to track the number.