Food Science and Technologist Salary in Nigeria (2023)

The field of food science and technology is a fast-rising profession and also lucrative. Thanks to the increase in food processing companies established in Nigeria. Aside from the job opportunities this profession offers, there is also the amount earned per month that is to be considered.

The actual salary of food science and technologist in Nigeria is within the range of 90,000 and 250,000 per month for the same.

Food Science and Technology Salary in Nigeria

Level Salary (Naira)
Entry Level 90,000
Experienced 250,000

Truth is, although food science and technologist salary in Nigeria is not as high as in other countries, the amount they earn is satisfactory compared to others. So, we advise that you continue reading to the end for more information.

The field of food science and technology entails the application of food science to the selection, preservation, processing, packaging, distribution, and use of safe food.

The job of food science and technologists mainly is to design and create new ingredients for new recipes. Their job includes working in different organizations that deal with the processing and preservation of foods.

These professionals are well trained and equipped with the knowledge on how to combine new ingredients together to develop new food processes ad well as better ways to preserve them.

However, we are interested in the monthly salary earned by food science and technologists in Nigeria. I bet you are eager to find out as well. So, you have to continue reading.


In simple terms, a salary is a set amount of money received on a regular basis for labour performed by an employee. The amount is usually paid towards or at the end of the month.

THE salary of food science and technologist differs based on different criteria such as academic qualification, years of experience, the airline organization where they work, and the job level.

The actual salary of food science and technologist in Nigeria is within the range of 90,000 and 250,000 per month for the same.

Average Salary

The average salary is considered the median salary earned by employees of an organization.

However, depending on the company you are employed in, your educational qualification and work experience, the average salary tends to be different.

Typically, a person working as food science and technologist earns an average salary of 170,000 Naira per month.

The stated salary is structured such that it is inclusive of benefits and allowances that befit the employee.

Entry Level Salary

An entry-level salary is the base amount paid to a newly employed employee by an organization. This is typical of recent graduates that just enter the labour force for the first time. The entry-level salary for food science and technologist ranges from 70,000 nairas to 90,000 Naira per month.

Considering the company where you are employed, your educational qualification and work experience, the entry-level salary tends to be different.

Some organizations can pay higher for a start and some pay less than the stated amount.

Senior Level Salary

This salary structure is for employees who have attained high years of experience with advanced job levels. The senior-level salary for food science and technologists begins from 250,000 Naira and above.

As you can see, the senior-level salary is the highest in the field and the number of food science and technologist at this level is not much. That’s because it takes long years of experience to get to this level.

Where can they Work?

Food science and technology is an occupation that has empowered and given many person influences, but they are not popular compared to other professionals.

It is not enough to have the intention to enter this profession and make a living from it. It is equally important to know where you can work and make use of your skills.

Interestingly, the major employer of food science and technologist is the food production and processing company.

Other organizations where they can work include:

– Government agencies

– Food monitoring and management agencies

– Animal care units

– Agricultural research organizations

– Health care facilities

– Food outlets

– Breweries

Now you can see the various career opportunities that await you in this profession. It is evident that there are various organizations where you can apply and get a job.

Types of Jobs available for Food Science and Technologists

From our discussion so far, it is evident that food science and technologists primarily work in food processing companies and other companies outside the food processing industry. Below are the various types of jobs that food science and technologist can do.

  1. Nutritional therapist
  2. Regulatory officer
  3. Researcher
  4. Product/process development scientist
  5. Quality manager
  6. Food technologist
  7. Quality manager
  8. Regulatory affairs officer
  9. Scientific laboratory
  10. Technical brewer

Roles / Duties of Food Science and Technologists

The job description of food science and technologists can be challenging. They have a huge responsibility in the food processing industry. The basic food science and technologists’ roles/duties include:

  1. Creating new recipes by blending/mixing new ingredients.
  2. Creating processes that facilitate large-scale food production.
  3. Developing better methods for preserving foods while retaining their freshness.
  4. Testing manufactured foods to ensure their safety and quality.
  5. Supervise the quality of processed food

How to become a Food Science and Technologist 

As you can see, becoming a food science and technologist is a fantastic job option. However, you have to be trained so that you can be familiar with how the field runs.

The basic requirement is to be educated by enrolling on a higher school of learning after completing your high school education.

You will have to sit for the UTME examination and get the required cut off mark in the subject combinations of English language, chemistry, biology or agricultural studies, Mathematics or physics.

Also, if you already possess a diploma in relevant subjects, you may be offered admission by direct entry.

The programme lasts for 4 – 5 years depending on entry qualifications and the academic institution you enrolled into.

However, apart from these criteria, different organizations have specific prerequisites they look out for before employing a potential employee. That is why it is important that you make your findings and ensure you meet the requirements before you submit your application.

Required Skills 

There are skills that you need to possess as food science and technologist. These skills will make you formidable and stand out among great competitors in the industry. To have a successful career, every food science and technologist must:

  • Excellent collaboration skills working with different teams
  • competence in dealing with difficult situations
  • Remain calm under pressure
  • Commercial awareness and sales skills
  • The ability to work effectively and efficiently
  • A problem solver with good analytical skills
  • Zeal to conduct research.
  • Skilful in record keeping.
  • Project management skills.

If you have one or more of these skills, you are sure to have a bright future in this profession.



I believe from our discussion so far, you have acquired useful information regarding food science and technology salaries in Nigeria. Also. The profession is a lucrative job in Nigeria but few persons picked interest in the field. The discourse has touched on all the important information you need to know that will help inform your decision to choose the profession. Most of all, it is best that you make further findings regarding the specific requirements of various organizations you want to apply to before doing so.