Flight Dispatcher Salary in Nigeria (2023)

I must say, flight dispatcher, is one of the less explored professions in Nigeria compared to other high-ranking professions like medicine. The role played by these professionals in the aviation industry cannot be undermined and that is why they have been highly sought after.

The average salary of a flight dispatcher in Nigeria typically is around 140,000 Naira.

Flight Dispatcher Salary in Nigeria

Level Salary (Naira)
Entry Level 90,000
Experienced 250,000

Also, flight dispatcher salary in Nigeria is motivating which is our primary discussion in this informative piece. So, if you want to know more about the profession, and precisely how much they earn, look no further as you will learn all that you need to know about flight dispatcher salaries in Nigeria.

Flight dispatchers are trained professionals whose task is to set up scheduling and flight plans for various aircraft using specific criteria. Also, they ensure that each flight crew has a safe and efficient plan to fly from one airport facility to another.

The field is green because there are not enough professionals in Nigeria. This means there is less competition and they are in high demand because of their valuable role in the aviation industry.

Interestingly, the position is expected to grow in the coming years as more people fly to their destinations and airlines expand their operations.

However, aside from the employment opportunities offered by this profession, we know that salary is a major motivator for most Nigerians when deciding on a career path. So, I believe you are here for that purpose, and we will begin our discussion shortly.


Salary is the sum of money paid to an employee by his or her employer, usually at the end of the month. It consists of the benefits, allowances, bonuses, and other packages to which an employee is entitled.

A person working as a flight dispatcher in Nigeria earns between 90,000 and 250,000 Naira per month.

The salary of this profession in Nigeria depends greatly on the aviation company you work for, your job level, and your years of work experience. Note that different employees have different salary packages.

Now that you have an inkling as to the salary package of an agricultural engineer, I believe you are smiling and your interest in the profession has heightened.

Average Salary

The average salary of a flight dispatcher in Nigeria typically is around 140,000 Naira.

This means there are those earning lesser than the stated amount and there are those who earn higher than that. In most case scenarios, the entry-level salary is always lower than the average salary. However, it is the aviation company where you work and your job level that determines the average salary per month.

Entry Level Salary

Entry-level salary is the monthly amount paid to a new employee by an employer in an organization.

The entry-level salary varies depending on the airline company you gained employment with. Typically, the entry-level salary of a flight dispatcher per month begins from 90,000 Naira.

However, as you gain promotion and your work experience increases, your salary tends to increase as well.

Senior Level Salary

The senior-level salary is the highest in every profession and it is so in the field of flight dispatcher. Employees at the senior level have gained high work experience that is usually from 10-years upward, so they earn more than the entry-level employees.

As such, a flight dispatcher’s senior-level salary per month usually ranges between 180,000 Naira and 250,000 Naira. Note that the senior-level salary varies depending on the airline company you gained employment with.

If you are already earning this amount, it means you are doing well, and if you are not, be patient with the time you will.

Where can they Work?

From our discourse, you are aware of what a flight dispatcher does, which is to coordinate all activities on the ground at an airport to ensure that aircraft arrive and depart safely, quickly, and efficiently. Despite this, you might still be in a dark as to where these professionals work.

Typically, a flight dispatcher works in the operation centre of the airline. This implies that flight dispatchers are employed in the aviation industry where their expertise is most valued.

Types of Jobs available for Flight Dispatchers

As you already know, flight dispatchers work in the air traffic control tower at airports where they perform a series of duties.

However, flight dispatchers do not have numerous jobs as their job is restricted only to airlines. The various jobs they do are:

– Airline conductor

– Weather forecasting for flight

– Take off / landing coordinator

The job done by flight dispatchers may not be much but you can see the different types of jobs they do. These jobs come with great responsibility and those with the skills are favourable to gain employment.

Roles / Duties of Flight Dispatchers 

If you read this far, I believe you are beginning to show interest in this profession. It will also interest you to know the roles and duties of a flight dispatcher. They are responsible for:

  1. Assisting in the planning of flight paths
  2. They take into account aircraft performance and loading
  3. Enroute winds, thunderstorm, and turbulence forecasts,
  4. Airspace restrictions,
  5. Check airport conditions.

These are the duties of flight dispatchers in the airline work environment. Their roles in the industry are very important and cannot be undermined.

How to become a Flight Dispatcher

You don’t just wake up to become a flight dispatcher overnight. Also, it is not by wishing or luck, you have to take proactive steps. That is why it is important you learn how to become a flight dispatcher in Nigeria.

The fundamental method to become a flight dispatcher is to get formal training by enrolling in an aviation school to study the course.

Typically, you will be trained and equipped with the skills that you need to become a formidable agricultural engineer. The course duration is less than a year to conclude.

Required skills 

You must train and become one of the best flight dispatchers to portray excellence and outstanding qualities that will give you an edge over other competitors.

For this reason, there are skills that you need to possess to excel in this field. For this reason, we have compiled some important required skills that you possess that would make you a prominent agricultural engineer.

  • Excellent communication abilities
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Must be detail-oriented
  • Excellent coordination and organizing skills
  • Must be calm and focused
  • Flexibility when carrying out duties
  • Good time management abilities
  • Must be well-versed in general flight dispatching operation

These are not all, but they are the basic skills a flight dispatcher should possess.

As you train and practice in the field, you will learn and develop skills that will make you excel. Also, ensure you re-train yourself and get conversant with the innovations of the profession.



That is the much we can discuss about flight dispatcher salary in Nigeria. I believe you will find this field to be an interesting profession and one that is highly sought after in recent times because of the increase in activities of airline operators in Nigeria. Also. The profession has an attractive salary with an entry-level salary that seems small but increases over time with years of experience and job level.

We hope you find this informative piece helpful in your quest to pursue agricultural engineering as your core profession.