Fedex Office In Abuja

One of the first companies to offer international shipping services was the FedEx Corporation, a division of Federal Express. Nigeria is only one of more than 200 nations and territories that can take advantage of FedEx’s logistics services.

In Nigeria, FedEx is present through its Licensee, Red Star Express PLC, which provides both international and domestic shipping services. 154 Red Star Express Centres serve as the authorized FedEx Offices in Nigeria. Here is the contact information of FedEx office in Abuja and all you need to know.

FedEx Office In Abuja

Fedex office In Abuja is located at the address below:

Plot 787A, Malunfashi Close, Emeka Anyaoku Street, Area 11, Garki, Abuja, Nigeria

PHONE: 09-2349437

FAX: 09-2349437

WEBSITE: http//

Does FedEx have offices in Nigeria?

FedEx’s logistics services are available in more than 200 countries and territories, including Nigeria. FedEx is active in Nigeria via its Licensee, Red Star Express PLC, which offers both international and domestic shipping options. Nigeria has 154 Red Star Express Centres, which are the official FedEx Offices in the country.

How do I contact FedEx Lagos?

Get a shipping estimate and estimated delivery time by calling Customer Service at +234 12715670 (Ext: 1297).

Does FedEx accept cash on delivery?

The option to “Collect On Delivery” is only available in limited areas. Please contact support by telephone for further information. Customers that sign FedEx’s supplier registration form are given the opportunity to pay cash for C.O.D. shipments.

About Fedex

Since its founding in 1973, FedEx Express has grown into a global powerhouse by focusing on what matters most: its employees. FedEx is focused on facilitating global connections while reducing our carbon footprint.

FedEx is the industry pioneer and world leader in express distribution, with services that include quick, dependable, and on-time delivery to more than 220 nations and territories.

More than 90% of global GDP is traded within one to three business days, thanks to this network’s ability to link markets. FedEx Express is the largest express shipping firm in the world, handling over 3.6 million packages every business day with its unrivaled air route authorities and transportation infrastructure, as well as cutting-edge information systems. When it comes to logistics and communication, FedEx has long been at the forefront.

Because of FedEx’s dedication to the European market, customers have access to a wide variety of dependable options, opening up doors to new business prospects in Europe and beyond.

FedEx Express is the industry pioneer and global leader in express distribution, offering time-definite, guaranteed delivery services in more than 220 countries and territories across the world. The Abuja FedEx Red Star Express Address is discussed here.

FedEx is widely considered as one of the best logistics firms in the world. FedEx manages an assortment of services, including FedE.

FedEx is widely acknowledged as a top player in the global logistics sector.

FedEx manages an array of services, including FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, FedEx Services, FedEx Logistics, and FedEx Office. The company’s presence in more than 220 nations and territories makes it possible for its clients to gain access to more than 99% of global GDP.

Focusing in on the company’s logistics department, Supply Chain Digital investigates the range of services it provides along the supply chain.

FedEx is a transportation company that provides services all over the world and provides businesses with tools to improve their supply chains in terms of speed, accuracy, and cost. Ocean cargo, air cargo, and order logistics are the company’s bread and butter.

International freight forwarding, customs brokerage, trade and customs consultancy, and other added-value services are all rolled into one with FedEx Trade Networks, which eliminates the need for several channels and creates streamlined solutions.

Its transportation networks are designed to be adaptable, reliable, and global in order to serve its customers effectively. It offers the following international freight forwarding services:

Shipping and Forwarding Services Overseas

With FedEx, you can choose between three different ocean shipping options: International Direct Economy Ocean, International Direct Priority Ocean, and International DirectDistribution Ocean Solutions. FedEx’s plan paves the way for ocean cargo services to link the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Shipment Redelivery via Air Worldwide.

End-to-end service support simplifies supply chains for enterprises, maximizing transportation flexibility while keeping costs in check. FedEx facilitates speedy customs clearance and transit of international shipments by providing fast document preparation, extensive cargo insurance arrangements, unparalleled internet visibility, and instant access to a full suite of information.

Logistics for Worldwide Orders.

FedEx provides a full-service logistics solution for businesses by integrating the management of purchase orders, suppliers, and transportation.

FedEx Trade Networks’ Global Order Logistics solution coordinates the most crucial parts of the global supply chain by bringing together its people, procedures, and technology. By increasing service quality and scalability, the solution should assist organizations achieve their goals and save money.