36 List Of Federal Government Agricultural Grants In Nigeria (2023)

In Nigeria, one of the major challenges most business startup faces is the inability to raise funds to grow their businesses. This has become so common that it is sometimes killing the dreams of some business owners whose startup has the ability to create employment opportunities for thousands of youths.

So are you a new business owner running a startup in the agricultural sector, and you need some finances to grow your business?

Do not worry because, in this article, we will be giving you a list of all the federal government agricultural grants in Nigeria and also how to apply.

List Of All Federal Government Agricultural Grants In Nigeria 2022

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What Is A Grant?

Grants are funds provided to support business startups and are usually meant for the upcoming entrepreneur.

Grants can be offered either by a cooperate body, an individual who wishes to invest in a new startup, or by the federal government to support a developing organization, startup,  small-scale business, and others.

What Is The Difference Between Grants And Loans?

Most time, people mistake grants for a loan, hence the reason why some people aren’t interested in taking grants. This has made a lot of people miss a lifetime opportunity of getting funds for their business or startups, and later on, their business will die due to the unavailability of funds to keep it growing.

Some, out of ignorance, went to borrow loan for their business, thinking that it is the same thing as grants.

But here, I will be giving you a clear difference between grants and loans.

  • Grants are non-refundable, while loans are usually refundable even with an additional amount of interests
  • Loan is for a specific period of time, while grant isn’t for a specific period of time
  • Getting a loan requires a collateral, but a grant doesn’t require you to have a collateral
  • Grant doesn’t need a guarantor to stand for you, while a loan requires you have a guarantor

How To Apply For Federal Government Agricultural Grants In Nigeria

To apply, you need to follow the steps below;

  • Visit the official website opened for any of the grants and sign up
  • While signing up, enter all required information correctly as instructed by the federal government agency
  • Before submitting, check if all your information is entered correctly
  • Confirm and check again if there is no error because an error in any details might lead to disqualification
  • Then click on submit to submit your application
  • After it has been submitted, you have been successfully registered
  • Read the news to get updated about the grant you applied for


Purpose Of Grants

Grant helps young business startups to grow their business, thereby creating more job opportunities for youths and at the same time reducing the crime rates in the growth when youths are meaningfully engaged.


Major Challenges Of Federal Government Grants In Nigeria

Most challenges faced in the system of giving grants is that corruption is gradually eating up the system.

This is because most people who aren’t even entrepreneurs or business owners apply using false and fake credentials so that they can also benefit from the money, and after collecting the money, they spend it on unnecessary things. 

This set of people have made the grants system overpopulated to the extent that the money is not even enough to settle all business owners since more people are now involved, of which most of these people are not business owners.



In conclusion, we’ve talked about the list of all agricultural grants in Nigeria and also explained the importance of collecting grants and how crucial it is to save your business as an entrepreneur.

So if you have been mistaking grants for a loan,  then I think this article is enough to educate you on the importance of grants in your business and also how it is very different from a loan.

Lastly, to stay updated about any Grant you applied for, you need to keep reading the news to stay up-to-date and also ask around or link up with people who you both registered for the same grant so that even when you don’t know about the new update, you can call the other person to ask, so as not to miss out on when the grant will be shared and distributed.