11 Easiest Countries To Get Work Visa From Nigeria (2023)

A work visa does not have to be a difficult process; in fact, you will be working your desired job abroad in no time! Prepare yourself by reading this article and doing some research before you go out on the town.

Easiest Countries To Get Work Visa are listed below, you can access the visa from Nigeria without much stress or bottleneck.

11 Easiest Countries To Get Work Visa From Nigeria

1. Australia

The South Pacific instantly springs to mind when considering the Easiest Countries To Get Work Visa from. Working holiday visas are available in Australia and New Zealand for Nigerians¬†aged 18-30 for a period of up to 12 months. However, most of the time they require payment and confirmation that you’ll be able to afford to buy a ticket home. Another type of visa is based on a person’s ability to pass a skills assessment or have a degree in engineering before getting a work visa from the country.

2. The Netherlands

In the event that you have a brilliant company idea or product, this may be the easiest place to obtain a work visa. In order to start a business, foreigners can stay in the Netherlands for a year. In the following 12 months, entrepreneurs can apply for a self-employed work permit from the government. Just a dream will get you started!

Many people do the following kinds of labor. A self-employment visa for persons who want to start their own business (scientists, innovators, inventors, and designers).

3. Cambodia

A work visa to Cambodia is not only the easiest to obtain but also one of the most advantageous! As an ex-pat, you’ll be surrounded by other expatriates who want to live and work on an idyllic island with rich history and culture.

Types of work that are in high demand: To legally work in the country, you’ll also need to apply for a work permit, which isn’t as straightforward to obtain as a business visa. A lot of Cambodians do freelance and remote work. However, other jobs, including tourism and teaching, are also plentiful.

4. Germany

Graduate students in Germany (and other European nations) can apply for work visas in Germany and other countries. It’s a great place to study and work if you’re thinking about moving abroad. An “artist visa” is also available in Germany for those who wish to be self-employed and have a well-developed business plan.

Types of work that are in high demand: Germany is in need of skilled people in the technology and health industries, but there are also many more job opportunities in this economically robust country.

5. Ireland

If you want to work in Ireland, you may apply for a working holiday visa at any age, and it’s very easy to get! A student or recent graduate is required to apply. The standard work visa is also available; however, it may be a bit more difficult to obtain than the other two types of work visas. Having a certain set of skills will help you in the application process if you do.

Popular forms of work: Dublin, Limerick, and Cork are considered to be your best bets for finding work in Ireland. It’s possible to be sponsored by one of the many global companies in Ireland. There are also many chances in the education, hotel, and service industries. It’s an excellent place to work overseas because the Irish are kind and friendly.

6. China

For Chinese citizens, securing a work visa has never been easier, thanks to the country’s continual need for native English speakers to teach in classrooms all across the country. Consider China if you’re interested in obtaining certified in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).

Types of work that are in high demand: Teachers aren’t the only foreigners in China who want to work. If you want to work in a wide range of industries, you’ll need to know a little bit of Chinese (the official dialect is Mandarin).

7. Singapore

To make it easier for you, Singapore offers up to six-month work permits and is one of the largest financial centers in the world. It is easy to secure a working holiday visa for students and recent graduates in the country. As a result of this visa, nearly one-third of Singapore’s residents are foreigners!

Types of work that are in high demand: Singapore is a great place to work if you have a background in IT, teaching, or hospitality. Due to a huge foreign community and a high percentage of English-speakers, language is not a barrier to getting work.

8. Ecuador

It’s easy to secure a work visa in Ecuador, one of the easiest countries in Latin America. In Ecuador, you can work as a freelancer as long as you have a Bachelor’s Degree and $400 in your bank account.

The tourism industry, foreign enterprises, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are all popular places for overseas workers to work (non-governmental organizations).

9. South Korea

Getting a job abroad isn’t difficult at all, but how about one that pays well? When it comes to finances, South Korea may be the place for you to go if you’re worried about your finances. Especially if you have a certification, English teachers (on the E-2 visa) are handsomely compensated.

Examples of work that is in demand In addition to teaching, there are also working holidays and “searching for job” visas available to foreigners. Such visas allow you to work for multinational corporations or in the service industry.

10. Czech Republic

Teaching English abroad in Czechia is a terrific way to fulfill your dream of traveling and working abroad. For international travelers, the Czech Republic offers a variety of occupations, notably in Prague, which is a multicultural city. 

You can receive an employment visa more easily by finding a job before visiting the country, but you can also enter on a tourist/travel visa and locate work thereafter.

Examples of work that is in demand Numerous foreigners find work in the Czech Republic’s tourism, hotel, and foodservice industries, information and communication technology, healthcare, social work, and education.

11. Canada

In Canada, temporary work visas are relatively straightforward to get, and there are just a handful of conditions. Visas, on the other hand, are rather inexpensive.

Types of work that are in high demand: Working in Canada is a terrific way to advance your present career or start a new one in industries such as nursing or STEM.

More About Traveling Abroad to work

The experience of working abroad is unlike any other. In addition to enhancing your resume and global network, you’ll be living your life to the fullest. The possibilities are endless, whether you want to establish your own business, work for an international corporation with a diverse workforce or teach for a living.

First and foremost, set your sights high. You should also learn more about foreign job prospects. Securing your work visa is the last step in the process. Check this pre-departure checklist to make sure you’re prepared before you leave. The answer to that question is yes, it is possible!

In general, how long does it take to receive a work visa?

Despite the lengthy visa application process, it will be worth it in the end (sometimes literally).

It depends on your country and where you’re going to apply for a work visa, but in general, you’ll need a job offer and sponsorship. Proof of residency may also be required depending on your destination.

The consulate or embassy of the nation you plan to work in can tell you what you’ll need, but this information is usually available online. If you already have a job offer, your employer may be able to submit documentation on your behalf if you already have an offer of employment.

Applying for a work visa online is one of the simplest methods to do it. You’ll find that many of these firms provide step-by-step applications, eVisa professional support, and even deliver visas directly to your email. A helpful resource for people from countries other than the United States is the Department of Homeland Security’s Visa and Passport Information Center (VPC).

The country in which you want to work is a major factor in obtaining a work visa, as you already know. Look for work visas in locations where you may easily find them to fuel your adventurous spirit!