Top 10 Consulting Firms in Lagos (2023)

A consulting firm is a business including industry-explicit specialists who offer proficient exhortation, direction, and noteworthy answers for organizations encountering issues they can’t manage in-house. Each organization will undoubtedly have issues; consulting firms in Lagos are contracted to tackle them.

Experts offer direction and noteworthy answers for issues the association might be having. Consulting firms in Lagos will in general have explicit centers, and organizations pay them to lend their skill on issues that can’t be taken care of inside.

Consulting firms have a presence in essentially every industry. There are additional firms explicit to a few unique exchanges and works on, including finance, medical services, promoting, designing, engineering, innovation, and surprisingly the public area. Here are various types of counseling firms and what they do:

Top 10 Consulting Firms in Lagos State

1. Phillips Consulting

Systems, Innovation, Individuals. Established in 1992 and settled in Nigeria, we are the main business and the executives counseling firm, serving customers across Africa through workplaces in Lagos and Abuja. We are a main supplier of change, innovation, and rethinking administrations.

2. DexNova

DexNova is a Professional Services firm and one of the top consulting firms in lagos, working in the information business and committed to building brilliant conveyance capacity in associations across Africa. We will probably join forces with our customers to make them really elite associations. DexNova Lead and Associate advisors have worldwide experience and are focused on building the capacities of the district. Furthermore, DexNova additionally has key worldwide affiliations and working associations with a portion of the world’s driving associations in the space of Project Management.

3. McTimothy Associates

McTimothy Associates is a customer administration situated Management Consulting, Training and Development, and HR/Recruitment firm contributing tried and true answers for your association’s operations, projects, brand, and the board methodology concerns. McTimothy Associates is a group of expert specialists submitted and rumored for empowering business significance in the mainland by giving business counseling, Leadership arrangements, system improvement, and SME answers for its customers.

4. File Consulting

File Consulting is an expert administrations firm contributing driving edge business research, the board, preparing, and specialized counseling administrations to government and business. Throughout the long term, we have set up a demonstrated history of effectively making an interpretation of imaginative intuition into convincing ideas which have put our customers’ way in front of the contest, serving them through a center group of experts upheld by a great organization of partners in industry, business, and the scholarly community with an unequaled joined encounter and ability.

5. LYD Consulting

Life and leader training, at your administration. We are a firm of Certified Management Consultants with a particular ability for helping our customers accomplish prevalent execution in their business. We do as such through Consulting, Training, and Coaching mediations, and we give that Comparative Advantage. Counseling: We use intercessions like retreats, overviews, phone/branch appraisals, corporate diagnostics just as preparing and instructing answers to assist associations with working on their usefulness and accomplish/surpass their objectives. We offer specific types of assistance including

6. Successory Nigeria

A firm of youthful, dynamic, and skillful experts. Successory Nigeria Ltd is a firm of youthful, dynamic, and equipped experts. It is a proficiently arrived behind schedule of Management and Financial just as Human Resource Consultants, committed to Local and International Training, Capacity Building, Management Services, Microfinance, Poverty Management, notwithstanding Research, Strategy, and Leadership Services.

7. Qeeva Advisory

The board Consulting Firm in Nigeria. Qeeva Advisory Limited is a Nigeria executives counseling Firm, Tax Consulting, Forensic Accounting, Human Capital, Accounting, Audit, Corporate Service, Financial Advisory, stage for delivering specific administration, legal bookkeeping, charge, monetary bookkeeping, and review for its overflowing customer base. is overseen by Matthew OGAGAVWORIA, FCA, CFAN, an intensive reproduced proficient with over 20years of encounters across a few businesses including banking and money, capital business sectors, oil and gas, counseling, and review.

8. Michelle and Anthony Consulting

Michelle and Anthony Consulting is a main Global Consulting firm with branches in London, India, Dubai and the focal handling office in Nigeria. We give monetary warning, preparing and the executives counseling administrations for organizations in the different ventures. We convey public and in-plant courses just as redone courses intended to meet the particular necessities of our customers. Our contextual investigations depend on both business and genuine circumstances as members are taken through an astonishing interaction of breaking down their day-by-day business.

9. Effect Partners Consulting

We are a social effect board counseling firm empowering individuals and associations to accomplish their actual potential for a prosperous Africa. We influence enthusiastic specialists to convey high-sway counseling administrations to organizations, NGOs, and government offices in Nigeria and across Africa. Our aggregate experience ranges across Australia, Cameroon, Canada, Fiji, Nigeria, UK, and the USA.

10. Romis Consultants

The “Cerebrum” behind the “Independent company”. Romis is a Firm of Integrated Management, Investment, Training, Industrial, and Economic/Social Survey Consultancy outfit with more than 30 years experience. The Firm is a private restricted risk organization fused in January 1984 with enlistment number RC.59, 979. The Firm has an enormous base Clientèle that incorporates Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), Large Enterprises (LEs), Federal Government Agencies, State Governments, and International Donor Agencies like UNDP – Nigeria and The World Bank. Romis is on the waitlist.

Other Top Consulting Firms:

11. Matog Consulting

Matog Consulting is an administration counseling firm in Nigeria. We help public and privately owned business customers in arriving at their objectives through organization arrangement, secretarial administrations, business start warning, SME’s brooding business development, review, bookkeeping, charge, warning, hazard, key arranging, monetary framework plan and update and chief hunt and situation execution the board administrations, obligation rescheduling, obligation recuperation progression arranging, tasks survey, marketable strategy/practicality studies, finance and rebuilding.

12. Crenov8Create and Innovative.

Crenov8 Consulting is a main global Consulting and Digital Firm with a presence in the UAE and Africa. At Crenov8 Consulting is among the best consulting firms in Lagos state, we incorporate Management Consulting, Digital Marketing, Branding, Designs, Marketing Technology, Research, Analysis, and Development to give answers to your business challenges. Our field multilingual advisors are likewise a distinct resource in speaking with project partners; limiting the hole that typically happens because of boundaries of language and culture.