Computer Scientist Salary in Nigeria (2023)

Computer science is a field that many young talented students dream to venture into. That is because technology has become an integral part of the modern world with influence across every known profession. Most of the activities carried out today are through the help of technology and because of the viability of the technology, many students are interested to study computer science.

The computer scientist’s salary in Nigeria begins from 40,000 (lowest salary) Naira and can rise as high as 500,000 (maximum salary) Naira.

What is Computer Scientist Salary in Nigeria?

Level Salary (Naira)
Entry Level 40,000
Experienced 500,000

Aside from the fact that computer scientists are highly sought after and the importance of computer science in our everyday life, it is important to also find out about computer science per month and annum in Nigeria.

Computer Science Salary in Nigeria

Computer science is a study that involves computers and computing that spans theoretical and practical disciplines. The field of computer science applies mathematical, engineering, and logic principles to a wide range of activities, including software and hardware development, artificial intelligence, etc.

Becoming a computer scientist requires hard work and skill to succeed. The talents required in this profession are technical. Computer science majors must be curious about their surroundings, as programs and systems apply to every aspect of life.

The importance of the profession cannot be undermined and it is expanding in recent times with multiple opportunities available for those interested to make the course a lifetime profession.

Now that you have a clue as to what computer scientists can do, it’s time to get to see if the Computer Scientists’ salary in Nigeria is worth it and after reading you will be interested to become a computer scientist.


Salary is a monthly payment paid by the employer to an employee. Often it is paid at the end of the month.

The computer science salary in Nigeria begins from 40,000 (lowest salary) Naira and can rise as high as 500,000 (maximum salary) Naira.

The salary of these professionals is affected by different variables. These are

  • Job levels
  • Years of work experience
  • The location of the organization you are employed
  • The type of organization you work for
  • Academic qualification.

So, the salary you are paid depends on the factors above. Interestingly, the most important factor is the year of experience. The reason is that computer scientists with higher work experience earn more than entry-level employees. Also, the more your years of work experience increase so does your salary.

Average Salary

Now that you have an idea of what the salary structure is, we go straight to the average salary of a computer scientist in Nigeria, and the amount paid is 198,000 Naira per month.

The average salary mentioned earlier is inclusive of housing, transport, and other benefits.

The average salary is like the middle salary, some employees earn less than the average and some earn more than the average salary. If you are earning more than the average, you sure are doing so well.

Entry Level Salary

The entry-level salary in simple terms refers to the salary paid to employees that just gained employment. And most times the amount paid is the lowest when compared to the average salary and senior-level salary.

In Nigeria, computer science entry-level salary begins from as low as 40,000 Naira. However, depending on the factors listed earlier, the entry-level salary tends to differ, it can be higher than the stated but can’t be lower.

Senior Level Salary

The senior-level salary refers to the salary paid to employees that have gathered high work experience from 10-years and above and most time work at the managerial/executive level. Most times the amount paid is the highest when compared to the average salary an entry-level salary.

Computer science senior-level salary in Nigeria begins from 250,000 Naira and above. Interestingly, considering the factors listed above earlier on, the senior-level salary differs, and there is a tendency for the salary increase than the stated.

Where can they Work?

There are numerous career options in the field of computer science. As a graduate, you must choose a job path that interests you.

Choosing where you can work as a computer scientist, depends on whether you want to work in the public or private sectors, or if you want to be self-employed. If you’ve got your answer, then you can look out the different career options where you can work as a computer scientist:

  • Banks
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Schools
  • Health care institutions
  • Research firms
  • Government agencies, etc.
  • Media companies
  • Programming companies
  • Computer companies
  • Academic institutions.

These are just to mention a few places where your expertise as a computer scientist is needed. What is important most times that companies/organizations consider the most is your skill and abilities. If these qualities match their job description, you will be hired.

Types of Jobs available for Computer Science

If computer science is your thing and you enjoy working with codes and programming and all other computer stuff, then you have a whole lot of jobs available for you out there.

These two qualities will make you excel in the various types of jobs available for computer science below:

  • Software Developer
  • IT Project Manager
  • Database Administrator
  • Computer Hardware Engineer
  • Computer and information system manager
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Computer Network Architect
  • Web Developer
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Computer and Information Research Scientists

The list is not exhaustive as there are more jobs that you can do. However, these are the top-notch jobs in the field of computer science. Working any of these jobs will fetch you a higher salary than others. To excel as a computer scientist, you have to be analytic and creative at the same time.

Roles / Duties of Computer Science

Computer scientists make use of technology to address difficulties on the job. Since most organizations are making use of technology to advance their services and products, the need for computer scientists has increased tremendously.

Computer scientists play a remarkable role in the organization they are employed. So, the role /duties they perform daily include:

  • Write and program software
  • Develop and or simplify algorithms
  • Design and develop new computing languages
  • Establish new methods for working with computers
  • Test new systems and designs
  • Develop models and theories to address issues in speciality fields
  • Present findings to the scientific community
  • Improve computer hardware performance
  • Increase computer software and/or hardware efficiency

The above mentioned are the routine duties of computer scientists. Ones you are employed, you are expected to perform one or more of these duties depending on what you are employed to do in the organization.

So, it is important that you know how to perform all of these duties to make you relevant and most of all, it is important that you improve yourself to remain relevant in the field.

How to become a Computer Science

Computer science is highly sought after considering its importance in most organizations. A lot of hard work goes into becoming a computer scientist because you don’t become one overnight.

The important step to take is to be educated. Yes, get formal training to get the necessary qualifications you need to become a certified computer scientist.

The formal training can be undergone in a university offering the computer science course.

The essence of the training is to learn the ropes and develop students’ skills. During your training to become a qualified computer scientist, you are thought about how to apply mathematics and other scientific fields to solve problems and prepare for the future.

Required Skill to become a Computer Science

Computer science is a satisfying and financially rewarding field. While a computer science degree can lead to a variety of job prospects, it is merely the first step. Whether you’re a computer science student or a working professional, the first step is to find work.

Aside from your qualification for most job changes, you must also demonstrate your talents and abilities. So, you may ask yourself, what are the skills required of a computer scientist.

The top computer science skills you need to possess are:

  • Computer and technology skills
  • Data analysis skill
  • Technical writing skill
  • Software development skill
  • Mathematic skills
  • Programming skill

Other important skill that will give you an edge is

  • Creative
  • Analytic skill
  • Communication skills
  • Attention to details
  • Ability to work with a team
  • Time management skill
  • Training and teaching skills

It is important that you possess if not all but more than half of these skills so that you will be preferable to other candidates during a job interview.



That is how much we can discuss regarding the salary of computer scientists in Nigeria. We have extensively covered the computer science pay in Nigeria, and we feel you now have an understanding of what Computer Scientists in Nigeria earn. With this, I assume you’d like to venture into the field and begin to earn the salary of your dream beginning from the entry-level up to the senior level where you earn higher.