Top 10 Civil Engineering Companies In Lagos

If you reside in Lagos and you are searching for a good civil engineering company, then you might want to choose from the top civil engineering companies in Lagos.

Civil Engineers are mostly seen on construction sites? Civil engineers help in effecting, ameliorating, and safeguarding the environment in which we live.

They are the set of people that design, strategize and tend to construct and maintain buildings, structures, and the systems of public work in a state or country such as roads, railways, airports, bridges, dams, irrigation projects, power plants, water systems, sewage systems and lots more.

However there are two types of civil engineers based on their function, they are consulting engineers and contracting engineers. What do the consulting engineers do? They help in handling the ground plan or project, and they are mainly based in the office where they work from. While the contractor engineers are those that take the projects and execute the construction. The contractors do not work in the office unlike the consultants, they work on-site, overseeing the Construction of the structure to be built. Civil engineers can be recognized by two main things, they are always in an overall mostly blue in color and with a helmet on their head, that’s the way you can recognize a civil engineer.

Top Civil Engineering Companies In Lagos

1. Julius Berger Nigeria Limited

If you reside in Lagos, you cannot deny the fact of having heard about Julius Berger Construction Company, this is because they are the oldest civil engineering company in Lagos. Julius Berger mostly deals in the construction of roads and bridges, since the office is located in Lagos, a number of the bridges were constructed by them. If you know of the Eko Bridge in Lagos,  Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport, National assembly phase 3, and lots more were constructed by this prestigious company. It is not just known in Lagos only but in all other states across Lagos.

2. China Civil Engineering Construction Company Limited

As the name suggests, this company was first established in China but now has subsidiaries in Lagos State and some other states. This is a company that is known worldwide and has had projects in more than thirty-five countries in the world. The company was established in the year 1979. They are mostly involved in the construction of first-class roads, bridges, rail systems, stadiums,

3. Reynolds Construction Company

Reynolds Construction Company is one of the best civil engineering companies in Lagos, Nigeria, and globally. It is owned and controlled by SBI international holdings, which is located in Switzerland. They are mostly involved in Asphalt concrete production, aggregate production, hydro-technical development and so much more.

4. Cappa and D’alberto Plc

Cappa and D’alberto Plc is a civil engineering company owned and controlled by a company in Italy in the year 1932. It is a very old company that has been in existence for a very long time with its head office. Their works include Diamond bank in Lekki, Mobil house in Victoria Island, Bella’s place in Victoria Island, and Central Bank of Nigeria branch office in Victoria Island Lagos.

5. El-alan Construction Company Limited

El-alan Construction Company is a renowned civil engineering company in Lagos and also globally. It was established in the year 1982, with its head office at Ikoyi, Lagos. El-alan has more than one thousand workers who are very diligent and have a great level of expertise.

6. Costain West Africa

Costain West Africa is a construction company that has been achieving a great feat in the construction company. Apart from here in Nigeria, Costain West Africa also render their services to various countries across the world. The services rendered by them include civil engineering, railway engineering, and much more.

7. Brunelli Construction Company (Nigeria) Limited

Brunelli Construction Company Limited is owned and controlled by a Company in Italy called Picollo Brunelli and CO Picollo Brunelli. They established the company in Nigeria in the year 1972. Their services include concrete electric pole construction, canal dredging, drainage construction, shore protection works, and jetties construction, they also deal in water treatment plant projects. Their headquarters is based in Lagos.

8. I.T.B Construction Company

I.T.B is a company in Lagos that deals in civil engineering and it is regarded as one of the best in the field. It is owned and controlled by the Chagoury group, and was founded in the year 1995. Since their year of establishment, they have been soaring higher in the industry. They mostly specialize in Civil Engineering and Construction.

9. Energobuilding Construction Company Limited

Energobuilding is a construction company that is owned privately, despite this fact it is still regarded as a top construction company. Its main services are in building construction and engineering. Energobuilding company is fully equipped with workers having a high level of expertise in the area of construction. They are part of the Federation of the construction industry, not just members but full time, and they are also members of a British Safety Counsel. Their services include building construction, building renovation, hotel construction, building designing, building consultancy, and construction engineering. Their head office in Nigeria is at Lagos State.

10. Buildstruct Advance Builder Company

Buildstruct Advance Builder Company is a company with great game and respect, it is also one of the best construction companies in Lagos. Buildstruct was just established recently, however, it has still been able to make it to the top ten construction companies.

Work activities of contractor and consultant engineer

Whether one is a contractor engineer or a consultant engineer, their work activities might range from:

  • Carrying out specialized and feasibility studies, which might include site surveying.
  • Undertaking complicated and convoluted calculations.
  • Using programs that run on a computer for unfolding complex designs.
  • Maneuvering budgets and source of supply of resources for construction
  • Finding answers or solutions to design and development problems.