Top 10 Car Leasing Companies In Lagos (2023)

The term ‘Lease’ is a legal agreement that lets someone use a car or a house for a period of time in return for payment. To do that you have to require the services of leaving the company, however, this article focuses mainly on car leasing Companies. You can rent a car from a leasing company if you are in need of a car for someplace or an important occasion to attend. As renting cars is becoming very popular, so is the number of leasing Companies increasing, according to the law of demand and supply in Economics. As of now, due to the number of people that are interested in leasing cars, there are a lot of leasing companies to choose from. Despite the fact that there are a number of leasing companies in town, some of them are on top of their game while others don’t know anything about the work, but are just into it to make money.

Most car leasing Companies have offices in which people that know about the job are employed to render the service to people, so they mostly work from the office. Car Leasing Companies must be submissive and law-abiding with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). A number of the leasing Companies are also VAT registered. To know a plausible car leasing company, they are those that are registered with a leasing association and are members themselves. An example of a leasing association is British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association. This association usually holds methodical examinations and reviews yearly on members. This is to ensure that customer sovereignty is maintained.

Car Leasing Companies In Lagos

  • Woodbridge Leasing
  • Biddyosa Oil and gas limited
  • Fleet partners
  • C and I Leasing
  • Rosabon Financial Services
  • Pine Hill Leasing Limited
  • Swift Rental Car Limited
  • First Choice Leasing Limited
  • Avis International
  • Jubaili Bros

Top 10 Car Leasing Companies In Lagos

1. Woodbridge Leasing

Woodbridge Leasing has been ranked the best car leasing company in the whole of Lagos, so why won’t you want to patronize them. They have special knowledge and skills related to car leasing, and also provide electronic and electrical equipment leasing. The organization was established in the year 2012 and has been thriving ever since. Due to the number of years that the company has been involved in leasing, they are very experienced and give only the best to their customers.

2. Biddyosa Oil and gas limited

Biddyosa oil and gas limited despite its name is also involved in car leasing. Due to a close partnership with producers of vessels around the world, they are able to set up lease vessels that are made accessible to organizations or individuals in the oceanic and shipping area of the economy. The company is situated at Admiralty way in Victoria’s Island, Lagos.

3. Fleet Partners

Fleet partners have been ranked the third best car leasing company in Lagos. However, in the year 2005, it was ranked the best leasing company in the country by Global Banking and Finance Review. They are mostly skilled in letting out assets, management, and fleet technology.  The reason why Fleet partners have a high rate of patronage is due to the very comfortable and cheap means of payment. This attribute of theirs draws many customers to them. Apart from all of this, the organization is blessed with a lot of talented and skilled workers to meet up with the demand of clients.

4. C and I Limited

Here is another very credible leasing company in Lagos established in the year 1990. The total liabilities of the business including both ownership capital and borrowed capital sums up to over twelve billion Naira, and it also has more than four thousand staff members.

5. Rosabon Financial Services

Rosabon Financial Services is also on the list of the top ten leasing Companies in Lagos. It was set up in the year 1993 and has been flourishing since then, with the headquarters located in Yaba, Lagos. Apart from car leasing, they also rent out household appliances among others. Even though they are among the best, they are very cheap and affordable. There are two types of lease systems that the company is involved in. The first lease system is that they loan out money to sponsor the purchase of an item. The second is that they provide the needed item to the customer, such as those that need fleets of cars for the purpose of marketing.

6. Pine Hill Leasing Limited

Pine Hill is a prestigious company in the leasing industry, situated in Lagos Island. It is popularly known for its vehicle and IT lease. The agency is equipped with workers who know what they are doing and are ready to give the best to their customers. Apart from car leasing, they also deal in the sales of brand new cars and fairly used cars.

7. First Choice Leasing Limited

First choice leasing limited is a renowned car leasing company that is part of the equipment leasing association of Nigeria. The services they render range from equipment leasing services, LPO finance, fleet management, car rentals, and lots more.

8. Avis International

Avis International is also a leasing company Incorporated in Lagos State, with more than ten thousand lease locations in more than 170 countries, isn’t that wonderful. The company is situated in Apapa Lagos with highly skilled workers.

9. Swift Rental Cars

You can also consider Swift Rental for your car leasing. They are well renowned for delivering a worthwhile service to customers coupled with a team of hardworking workers. The accomplishments of the company center on safety, service, and support to make sure that their clients don’t go through stress or hassle while demanding vehicles. Luckily, their vehicles are cheap to obtain and are neat and well taken care of. Some of the services they render are Express pick up service, Short and long-term car rental, and also luxury car rental service.

10. Jubaili Bros

Jubaili Bros is a company that is owned and controlled by Jubaili Moukarim which is situated in Lebanon. Their leasing sector is involved in providing power to individuals or organizations for special events or for standby emergency requirements. Some of the emergency requirements are emergency generators, Load banks, Large capacity fuel tanks, portable light towers, and so on.