Canada Visa Fees In Nigeria (2022)

Canada is a North American country that is fast becoming a prominent immigration destination for most Nigerians in recent times. This trend is due to the country’s good reputation, as the best country in the world in quality of life, six times consecutively. Canada is renowned for its care about human rights, good job market, and commitment to social justice.

The bilingual country of English and French and the pride of North America has opened its border to Nigerians who desire to relocate. Canada has a reasonable visa policy that is not as complicated in comparison to that of other countries. Canada Visa Fees in Nigeria differ according to the visa category that an applicant applies for. There are different methods of application, which comprise the online application or application via the Visa Office.

Canada Visa Fees In Nigeria

Various Canada visa fees in Nigeria apply to the visa category that you desire to apply for. You must select the category applicable to you to avoid loss of funds. Visa application fees should be paid in Naira and they are subject to change by the Canadian Embassy whenever they deem it fit.

Canadian Visa applicants are required to pay for biometrics capture. Individuals are required to pay #28,046, a family is required to pay #56,093 and a group of artists is required to pay #164,980.

Canada Visitor’s Visa

Visitor visas are issued to Nigerians that desire to travel to Canada for tourism reasons. An individual or family that desires to visit Canada can apply for a Visitor’s Visa. The Visa for visitors can be obtained by Nigerians as many times as they desire to visit Canada.

The Canada visa fee in Nigeria for the Visitor’s Visa for an individual is #32,996, while the visitor’s visa fee for five or more people costs #164,980. The mandatory prerequisites that you must meet before you can be eligible for a Family visitor’s visa state that each of your children must be dependent which means that they must be below the age of 22 years, your family members must apply for the visitor’s visa at the same time and center, and that everyone going on the trip must be family members.

Super Visa 

Super Visas are issued to parents or grandparents of Canadian citizens. It is a visa that can be obtained for extended residence in Canada and multiple trips. The visa permits its holder to stay in Canada for 2 years per visit but it is valid for ten years.

The Super visa costs #32,996 but an additional payment of #32,996 will be charged for an extended stay in Canada while renewing a visitor’s status costs #65,992.

Canada Work Permit

The two types of work permits issued to Nigerians who desire to live and work in Canada are Employer specific work permits and Open Work permits. An Employer specific work permit is issued to immigrants who have secured a job in Canada while an open work permit is issued to immigrants who desire to work with a registered Canadian employer when they relocate.

A work permit for an individual cost #51,144 which comprises the preference of an extended stay while a work permit for more than one person costs #153,431 which comprises the choice of an extended stay. However, an open work permit for an individual cost #32,996. A work permit can be renewed for #117,136.

Canada Student Visa

Students Visa is the visa for any Nigerian student that desires to study in Canadian universities or colleges. A prospective student can only apply for a student visa only after they have obtained an acceptance letter from their chosen Canadian university. You will be required to provide proof of your capacity to sponsor your education and cost of living in Canada. 

The Canada visa fee in Nigeria for a student visa is #49,494 for an individual and #115,486 for student status renewal when the student status of the applicant expires in Canada.

Federal Skilled Worker Visa

The Federal Skilled Worker Visa is issued to Nigerians who desire to be permanent residents in Canada. Nigerians are often evaluated based on factors such as English or French language proficiency, educational level, and work experience. Skilled applicants are required to score 67 points to be eligible for a Federal Skilled worker visa.

The cost of applying for a federal skilled worker visa for an individual is #343,158 of which #181,478 is implied for processing fee and #161,680 is for permanent residence right. For a spouse, it also costs #343,158 and #181,478 without a permanent residence right. The application fee for a dependent child who is below the age of 22 is #49,494.

Business Visa

A business visa is issued to Nigerians who are relocating to Canada for business purposes. They are usually issued permanent residence which cost #346,458 for visa processing and #161,680 for permanent residence rights. If you are relocating with a spouse, you will pay a sum of #343,158 for both visa processing and permanent residence rights and #49,494 for each dependent child.

Canadian Citizenship

A Nigerian immigrant that is residing in Canada with a temporary work permit that desires to apply for permanent residency under the Canadian Experience Class is required to have worked in Canada for at least a year and has fulfilled the language requirements. 

The applicant is required to pay #32,996 for citizenship rights, #24,747 for a citizenship certificate, and #32,996 for citizenship declaration.

How To Apply for Canadian Visa from Nigeria

To apply for a Canadian view from Nigeria, you are required to follow the application process outlined below:

  1. Examine the application manual carefully before you complete the application form to ensure that you are qualified for the visa type and category that you are applying for.
  2. Complete the visa application form with accurate and true information. A minor’s parent or guardian is required to help them complete their application form.
  3. If you applied at a Visa application center, you will be required to pay an application fee to them.
  4. Afterward, you are required to provide your application form in person at the Visa application center after which you will be required to provide your biometric data. A family application form should be provided in one package.


Requirements for a Canadian Visa Application In Nigeria

The following documents are required from a Nigerian applying for a Canadian Visa in Nigeria:

  1. A completed visitor visa and family information form.
  2. Two colored photographs that meet the visa requirements stated.
  3. An original sample of your Nigerian passport must be valid for the next six months after your date of return and must have a minimum of two pages.
  4. Evidence of adequate funds for the period of stay which comprises bank statements or payslips.
  5. Evidence of application and biometric fee payment.
  6. Evidence of relations to Nigeria could be a certificate of birth or evidence of assets.
  7.  A sample of interim flight bookings and travel itinerary incorporating accommodation reservations.
  8. Medical history and evidence of good health.
  9. Former passport exhibiting travel history.
  10. An addressed return courier envelope.
  11. Supplementary documents to back your application like invitation letters, or marriage certificates.
  12. Letter of approval from the parent or guardians of dependents that are traveling alone. If traveling with a parent or guardian, a letter of approval from the parent or guardian that is not traveling is needed.
  13. Applicants who are visiting a family member or traveling for business reasons will require an invitation letter that features the purpose of visit, length of stay, the information of your host individual or business, and other required information.



Various Canada visa fees in Nigeria differ from category to category. The visa fee for individuals applying for a student visa is different from that of an applicant applying for a Visitor’s Visa. The visa application process for a Canadian visa in Nigeria is quite favorable and oftentimes a stress-free process.

I hope that you have found this piece helpful, if so, please feel free to drop your comments and thoughts in the comments section below. I would be looking forward to reading them, Trust me.

Cheers to your successful Canadian Visa application!