Bolt Office In Abuja

Bolt is the best mobility platform available because of its ability to make urban transit cheaper and less destructive to the environment. They help reduce stress, help preserve natural resources, and improve urban areas in this way. Millions of drivers throughout the world may be able to rely on Bolt as a source of income.

Bolt has quickly risen to become the most popular transportation app in the world, now serving over 50 million users across 40 countries. They distribute meals, provides a car-sharing service, and more through its subsidiary, Bolt Food.

They appreciate the idea that most of the city can be explored on foot or by bike, and they don’t want to be tied down to a driving schedule.

Bolt envisions a world where owning a car is purely optional. areas where travelers can use any mode of transportation they like whenever they like. You can get all the information you need about the Abuja bolt office right here.

Bolt Office In Abuja

You can contact Bolt Nigeria via their Driver & passenger phone support at +234 806 019 0181.

Or via email at [email protected].

Or visit them at the 3rd floor Kojo motor building, Mabushi Abuja.

How do I upload documents to Bolt?

In the Driver Portal, go to the My papers section to add your updated paperwork. Remember to check that the uploaded documents are legible and that the images are not grainy or distorted before submitting them. Acceptable documentation has been provided.

What Year Of Car Is Required For Bolt?

A four-door, 350-liter-capacity, air-conditioned car model year 2013 or later (depending on the city in which you operate). Negative criminal history. Smartphone (running OS 6 on an Android smartphone or iOS 8 or later on an Apple device)

Can I drive for Bolt without owning a car?

Yes. Remember, though, that this is just for drivers who lack their own automobiles to use this service. As long as the monthly payments are kept up, you are free to use the car any way you like.

What is Bolt Commission?

Bolt takes a commission of 15%-20% of the total order price, depending on the location. There is a 5% cancellation fee and a 3% commission for all rides paid for with cash or a credit card. Additional airport or toll fees, tips, and bonuses are not included in the commission. All commissions are removed from weekly pay automatically.

Do You Lose Money If You Cancel Bolt?

If you cancel your ride request less than 2 minutes after the driver accepted it, or if the driver cancels the request before arriving, you won’t be charged.

Does Bolt refund if they cancel?

If that happens, they’ll get in touch as soon as possible to let you know about the cancellation or adjustment to your reservation. Any money you’ve already paid to Bolt Travel will be refunded to you if we have to cancel your reservation.

How Much Do Bolt Drivers Earn In Nigeria?

excellent at one’s job In large cities like Lagos, Bolt drivers can make as much as 350,000 per month. Earnings for part-time drivers making trips during commutes to and from work in large cities can reach up to 25,000 per week.

How do I get my money back from Bolt?

Go to Transactions in your Bolt Merchant Dashboard.

Find the purchase you wish to cancel and click the “Refund” button.

If you click on the transaction, you can get more information about it.

To process a refund, click the corresponding button.

Pick between a full refund and a prorated one.

Select Get a Refund.

How do you start a conversation with Bolt?

Check their official page, you will see the option to chat with a Customer Representative and you can start your conversation from there.

Does Bolt give you a car?

Bolt Vehicle’s financing plan offers customers a variety of attractive perks, including a brand-new car for as little as 15,000 weekly in installments, full coverage insurance, and a tracking system for their vehicle. This new method of financing vehicles is the first of its kind in Nigeria, and it would allow drivers greater freedom in setting their own schedules and so increasing their earnings.

How do I contact Bolt Nigeria?

You can contact Bolt Nigeria via their Driver & passenger phone support at +234012279179.

Or via email at [email protected].

Or visit them at the 3rd floor Kojo motor building, Mabushi Abuja.