Boat Cruise Price In Lagos (2023)

The price of boat cruising differs from one boat cruising agency to another as they offer different benefits which include finger food, wines, drinks, and so on. Only the average price of a boat cruise can be estimated.  There are three main factors that determine the price of a boat cruise, they are:

  • number of persons
  • number of hours
  • level of hospitality

The number of persons going for a boat cruise is one of the factors that go a long way in determining the price of the boat cruise. For a boat cruise that had like one to ten people, the average price is usually within the range of sixty thousand Naira (60,000 Naira) for one hour, so if the number of hours is extended for like one more hour, twice the price will be paid. Also, the price of the boat cruise slightly increases if the people in the boat are in groups or are more than ten. For example, a boat cruise hosting about eleven to fifteen people can charge a Hundred thousand naira (100,000 Naira) per hour, while for about fifteen to twenty people, the price can go up to like One hundred and Fifty thousand Naira(150,000 Naira).

What Is Boat Cruising?

A boat cruise means to travel on a boat or ship to a number of places as a vacation. Boat cruising is an activity that requires the person to dwell for a period of time on a ship or large boat while going to different places for enjoyment or satisfaction. Boat cruising does not just take a day, because it involves traveling from one place to another, it is usually a very exciting and interesting experience. Cruising can be carried out with different varieties of boats or vessels, however, it is mostly carried out on sailboats and powerboats, vessels that consist of one hull, and vessels that consist of two hulls. However, sailboats are used for distances that are long, as modes for traveling on or across the ocean are quite expensive to buy and handle.

As time went by, the size of the cruising boat was increased, as at now, it has a range of 10 to 15 meters or 33 to 50 feet, despite the fact that smaller boats have been used in voyages that involve going around the world, they are not advisable to be used as a result of the hazard or risks that come with it. Most of the cruisers nowadays go on journeys that might take up to years, the venturous ones among them usually take up to three to eight years. Others can just take about a year of their business, school, or work to have a taste of the boat cruising life.

Factors that must be considered before choosing a boat cruise include;

  • the vessel must be neat and clean.
  • the boat must possess a good Captain and Deckman.
  • there must be good music blaring from properly working loudspeakers
  • garage or parking space for cars
  • provision of fast foods and drinks.
  • the safety of kids and adults must be of utmost priority.

Let’s take a look at some boat cruises in Lagos, the benefits that come with them, and their respective prices.

Boat Cruise Price In Lagos

 Boat Cruise Price in Victoria Island – Kampari Tours

  • Kampari Tours comes with the benefits of fast foods that can be eaten with the finger and wine to complement it
  • On a boat cruise of one to ten people, the price is 60,000 naira per hour.
  • For a boat cruise of eleven to fifteen people, the price is 100,000 naira per hour.
  • For a boat cruise of fifteen to twenty-five people, the price is 150,000 naira per hour.
  • The price mainly depends on the number of individuals on the boat cruise, the number of hours, and the level of hospitality.

Boat Cruise Price in Lekki: Prest Lunch and Dinner Cruise

Location: 1C Admiralty road, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

  • Their style of cooking is intercontinental
  • It is available for people in groups and individuals.
  • The cost for two persons is approximately twenty-four thousand.
  • They serve a three-course meal and a bottle of wine to complement it.
  • It can be used for board meetings, seminars, presentations, wedding receptions, birthdays, engagement parties, wedding receptions,e.t.c.

Boat Cruise Price in Ikoyi: Picnic Boat Nigeria

Location: No 22, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi Lagos.

  • It combines two fun activities of boat cruise and picnic.
  • It mostly attracts tourists and people that want to have fun in groups or as individuals.
  • Their packages include couples’ picnic packages, family picnic package, corporate end-of-year beach cruises, group picnic profiles, and so on.

Difference Between Cruising and Yachting

A yacht is a large boat used for racing or pleasure, while a cruise is to travel on a boat or a ship to a number of places as a vacation. This is to tell you that yachting and cruising do not mean the same thing, they are by far different from each other. Yachting does not only describe size but also the particular way of living on the vessel.

Let’s take a look at the difference between yachts and cruises in terms of their privacy. Most of the cruise ships we have can provide room for more than three thousand people, these people however make use of the same social amenities such as toilets, same dining room space and it is often jam-packed with people.

However, a yacht is much more different in the level of privacy. Yachters usually have a very warm and friendly relationship, which is mainly between the guest on the yacht and the crew members. Due to this, there is always enough space to chill out and relax without anyone crowding into your personal space.


Due to the large population on a cruise ship, the spread of germs and viruses can be inevitable while in a yacht, because the number of people is controlled, you know the passengers won’t be spreading diseases.

On a yacht, you design your meal times, activities, help the chef plan the menu to your taste, pick what you see and where you stay, you get to explore the places you would like when in port while in a cruise ship you can’t single-handedly do these things.