Top 10 Biggest Snail Farms In Nigeria (2023)

Snail farming has been a lucrative business in Nigeria, and large-scale farmers usually require big snail farms to effectively cater to the needs of the teeming population.

A lot of farms engage in the production of snails but not in commercial quantities, so naturally, these yummy delicacies are quite expensive, and because snail meat is more nutritious than chicken meat, it is well sought after for various dishes. Snail meat pepper soup, anyone?

Knowledge of the biggest snail farms in Nigeria that are capable of engaging in commercial snail farming is required to effectively measure the snail production ongoing in the country.

Biggest Snail Farms In Nigeria

1. Mikky Snail Farm

It is currently the biggest snail farm in Nigeria, that engages in commercialized snail production. The snail farm sits on approximately 1.5 acres of allocated land space–the size of about one and a quarter football field. They have specialized equipment to speed snail meat processing for both local, and export purposes.

Apart from snail rearing, the farm is also into poultry farming, crop plantation, animal farming, feed formulation, farm consultancy, and egg production.

2. Dika Farms and Consults

It is a farm located in the federal capital territory of Nigeria, that engages in large-scale snail farming, production of hybrid seeds, poultry farming, grasscutter breeding, fish farming, and fish smoking & processing, rabbit farming, and sales of large farm equipment.

They supply restaurants, hotels, superstores, and individual buyers with both live, and already processed snails, and recently began the exportation of processed snail meat.

3. The Thy Snail & Grasscutter Farms

You cannot make a list of the biggest snail farms in Nigeria without including the people’s favourite–Thy Snail & Grasscutter farm that is located in Sango Ota, Ogun state.

The farm has a large area of land for the production of snails, fish, poultry, grasscutter, and animal husbandry.

Other agricultural services are farm consultancy, farm construction, and practical training sessions.

The farm produces over 125,000 processed snails monthly for export purposes.

4. Farm-Fresh Poultry & Snails

One of the biggest farms in Kwara state, Farm-Fresh Poultry & Snails is a leading producer of processed farm produce.

Their major specialization is in snail farming and poultry production.

They offer processing, drying, and packaging services in line with NAFDAC standards.

They also organize regular training sessions and offer industry-level advice to new snail farmers. They do not produce enough for export purposes.

5. SnailCare Farm

The farm offers bulk snail rearing and processing services, and the location is in Okokomaiko, Lagos.

They specialize in snail farm setup, farm consultations, practical one-on-one training, virtual mentorship, and formulation of snail feed for commercial purposes.

The farm is suitable for bulk snail buyers, and smaller snail farms, also they do not engage in other farm production activities besides snail farming.

6. Jiff Snail Farms

It is a Nasarawa-based snail farm that specializes in the farming, and production of giant snails.

They engage in export activities, and inter-state delivery of live snails, edible snail meat, and snail eggs.

They also buy household waste such as eggshells, for a token and then utilize the waste in the production of DKT snail feed to enhance the growth of snails. They deliver this feed nationwide.

Other farm animals raised for commercial purposes on the farm are monkeys, baboons, pigeons, guinea pigs, dogs, guinea fowls, tortoises, and turtles.

7. Sunny Snail Farms

It has a decent land allocation space for the production of snails.

The farm sits on 43,400 square feet and offers the sales of processed snail meat, live snails, snail eggs, and hatchlings.

Did you know that snail shells have beautiful concentric patterns? If you love their beauty, then it will interest you to know that the farm has snail shell decorations for sale.

8. Arapel Farms

The farm has a massive land area dedicated to the production of snails.

It is located in Warri and offers the sales of giant snails, snail slime, snail slime powder, snail feed, online & onsite training, farm setup, and consultation.

The farm regularly exports processed African snail meat, snail shells, and feed.

9. Tugate Snail Farm

The farm’s location is in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state, and they concentrate on the production of jumbo size snails, processed snail meat, slimes, snail eggs, and packaging of snail farm materials.

They also offer training services to help ease new snail farmers into the business and also help established snail farms get through bad production days.

The farm is not big enough to engage in the production of snails for export purposes.

10. Roovision Snail Farm

They offer exotic breeds of live snails, processed snail meat, hatchlings, fertile snail eggs, and point-of-lay snails.

Snail processing, drying, packaging, and production of snail feed services are also available.

The farm located in Ugheli, Delta state, also offers premium practical training, online resources, and mentoring for new snail farmers.

The Proposed Egbeja Snail Village

The Egbeja Snail farm is a joint private initiative of FarmKonnect and Dem Eli Farms which is an agribusiness limited company in Nigeria. The farm is expected to complement similar agricultural projects such as the Ikun Dairy Farm built by Promasidor Nigeria.

This farm is going to be the biggest snail farm in Nigeria, the second-largest snail farm in the world, and the biggest in Africa.

It is expected to produce a minimum of 2,600 metric tons of snail per annum, and provide extracted slime for use by beauty care and pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria.

How Profitable Is Snail Farming In Nigeria?

Imagine exchanging a naira note for a thousand naira note. Sounds unbelievable right? Like a money doubler from outer space, but that’s just how profitable snail farming is.

You can grow up to 40 snails on one square meter of land and raise them completely on your kitchen waste, and vegetables. All you need is an inexpensive form of housing materials like old car tyres, cement blocks. Thatch and dry palm fronds can be used as roofing for snails, and because snails attain maturity within 1.5 years, you can have a new batch of snails for sale every year.