Top 10 Best HMO Services In Nigeria (2023)

Health Management Organizations (HMOs) are essentially health insurance companies in Nigeria. They charge a premium when a person is healthy so that when he needs medical attention they will handle the situation without it becoming an additional financial burden.

The reason why most people prefer the best HMOs in Nigeria is the level of professionalism that they bring; rather than pay an insurance company that will then settle with hospitals to provide care for their policyholders, top HMO services in Nigeria provide a more direct approach: some of them own the hospitals and clinics, and those that don’t, actually have health professionals who know what they are doing.

HMOs, add to the quality of life of their clients because they maintain close contact with them. At the slightest sign of discomfort or illness, customers can just walk into the premises of their HMO without having to first calculate the potential cost of the treatment. By so doing, they maintain good health, enjoy work and family time.

As with most other ventures, some will perform exceedingly well, thus gaining recognition and the confidence of the general public. This is no different in the case of the HMOs in Nigeria where some have been recognized as the best. 

Best HMO Services In Nigeria

1. Hygeia HMO

Hygeia is one of the most prominent HMOs in Nigeria. This is as a result of excellent marketing, and professional management of the company. The company has a long history in Nigeria; it got licensed by the National Health Insurance Scheme in 2005. 

Hygeia is naturally the first HMO that gets a mention when corporate establishments are thinking about getting Health Management agreements to cover the medical needs of their workers. But that is not all that the company offers: Hygeia also offers affordable health insurance to citizens on an individual and family level. 

Hygeia HMO is an authority in the Health Management industry in Nigeria; every year they make a list of the 3 top-rated hospitals in the country. They make it a point to work with the best healthcare providers in the country.

 Hygeia has Individual plans, Family plans, Maternity plans, SME group plans, and Corporate plans which is the most popular for this company.


2. Health point HMO

Health Point is one of the best HMO services in Nigeria that makes the effort to bring health management to the people. This company provides cheap and affordable health management plans to low-income persons and families and even makes special concessions to widows and children in the country.

Health Point offers health management services at pocket-friendly prices; the company states on its website that they offer their services for as low as N800 monthly. You can pay the premium through safe and convenient online means, and you would not even notice it.

Health Point offers the following: Standard, Pro, Health point Pro +, Pro Max



IHMS HMO is a health maintenance organization with a wider, broader approach to health maintenance. Apart from the usual individual plans and corporate health plans, this HMO actually reaches out to entire communities in order to provide them with health management services and keep them healthy and fit.

IHMS HMO works with a vast network of hospitals and clinics from all 36 states of Nigeria. These hospitals are in both the private and Public sectors. These hospitals and clinics are duly monitored by the IHMS HMO team to ensure that they meet the quality standards.

IHMS HMO offers: Retail health plan, Corporate health plan, Group and association health plan, tertiary institution social health insurance plan, Community-based social health insurance plan.


4. Reliance HMO

Reliance HMO is a Health Management company that seems to appeal to families and corporate entities. The company is quite well established and has some big companies among its clientele. This HMO is a top name in the industry as a product of hard work and consistency. Reliance HMO offers plans ranked according to Family, Parents, Business.

Reliance HMO partners with over 1,500 hospitals across Nigeria, and has a presence in all of the 36 states of the country. 



AIICO HMO is the Health Management arm of the big insurance company AIICO Insurance. AIICO Insurance is one of the pioneers of the insurance industry in Nigeria. They are known for prompt settlement of claims, and generally having a good name and reputation in the Nigerian insurance market. 

AIICO brings the same energy and professionalism into the HMO industry, to provide health management services to clients all over the country. 

The company offers an Evacuation plan, Super executive, Magnum, Executive, Standard.


6. Hallmark

Hallmark HMO is also from the Consolidated Hallmark insurance group which is one of the biggest and largest insurance companies in the country. Consolidated Hallmark is actually a merger of two great insurance companies to form one mega institution. 

You cannot expect poor service delivery from Hallmark HMO; you would expect the company to produce the same level of professionalism it has put into its vast insurance empire, and bring that into the HMO venture.

Hallmark HMO provides affordable health management services to Nigerians of all financial classes, giving them long-lasting health care plans.

Hallmark HMO offers Individual Plans and Corporate plans.


7. Greenbay

Greenbay HMO is another Health Management Organization operating in Nigeria. This company has over time built a stellar relationship with the corporate world in Nigeria where most of its clients are based. However, this company does not just offer corporate health coverage; the company has a plan for everyone, regardless of position on the social ladder.

The company offers Corporate plans, Individual plans.


8. Redcare Health Service Limited 

Redcare health service limited is a health management company that was incorporated in April 2009. The company provides health management services for Nigerians who value their health, regardless of their economic position.

Redcare health service limited provides Corporate plans, Private plans, and more, as long as individuals, families, and corporate bodies.

Website at 

9. Metrohealth

MetroHealth HMO is a health management company that offers quality health insurance for Nigerian citizens. This company provides health management services for Individuals, Couples, Families, Businesses, Organizations with different packages. 

The company provides healthcare plans for Individuals, Couples, Families, Businesses, and corporate Organizations.


10. Total Health Trust Limited

Total Health Trust Limited was established in 1998. This is a member of the Liberty Group which is one of the most well-rounded players in the Insurance Industry. Anyway, Total Health Trust Limited has developed to be a solid establishment as far as health management in Nigeria is concerned.

The company has a network of more than 500 private hospitals with which they provide for the health care needs of their extensive list of customers.

Total Health Trust Limited offers Individual, Family, and Corporate plans.



Although it may seem as if the best HMOs in Nigeria are expensive, the truth is that a good HMO will actually help you save money because with a good HMO you will have your health taken care of, leading to fewer absent days from work, the peace of mind that you need to excel in your business, and also you will have the necessary cover for yourself, your family, and employees against medical emergencies.