Top 25 Aviation Schools in Nigeria And Their Fees (2023)

Aviation schools are known to offer unique education and training to students in the area of flight training. You must attend an aviation school to be a professional and certified flight personnel or pilot as they are popularly known. The primary essence of why you need to participate in an aviation school is the acquisition and development of flight skills as well as enhancing necessary airmanship skills. If you are interested in becoming a pilot and in flying around the world, then check our list of aviation schools in  Nigeria.

Top aviation schools in Nigeria are among the top sparsely populated schools in Nigeria; the reason being that the tuition fee is kind of very high. Nonetheless, if you dream of becoming a pilot someday, it shouldn’t be a barrier to barricade your dream.

Best Aviation Schools in Nigeria

S/N Nigerian Aviation Schools Location
1.       Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT), Zaria Kaduna
2.       International Aviation College, Ilorin Kwara
3.       Dhaewood Aviation Business School (DABS) Lagos
4.       Universal school of aviation Lagos
5.       PTM Academy Lagos
6.       Sky Aviation Training Center Lagos
7.       Skywalker Training Center Lagos
8.       Landover Aviation Business School (LABS) Lagos
9.       Helicopter Pilot Training Academy, Ikeja Lagos
10.   Javi Aviation Support Services, Ikeja Lagos
11.   Falcon Aviation Training Lagos
12.   Aeroport College of Aviation and Travel Management Lagos
13.   Crew Training Institute Lagos
14.   Gibair Aviation Academy Lagos
15.   International Institute Of Aviation Training Lagos
16.   Institute Of Aviation and Maritime Studies Lagos
17.   Lagos Aviation Academy Lagos
18.   Lagos Aviation And Maritime Business Academy Lagos
19.   Riteway Aviation School Lagos
20.   Belgrade Aviation Training Institute Lagos
21.   Dot Aviation Training Institute Lagos
22.   Continental Aviation School Ogun
23.   Obafemi Awolowo University Aviation Training Institute Osun
24.   Top Flight International School of Aviation Oyo
25.   College of Aviation and Management Studies Oyo

These are the primary aviation schools in Nigeria which we believe you will get the best aviation training if you enroll. Some of these schools are government-owned while most of them are privately owned. However, they are accredited, which means the certificates are well recognized and acceptable.

Aviation Schools In Nigeria
Aviation Schools In Nigeria

These aviation schools offer the best aviation training in Nigeria, and they partner with many aviation schools outside Nigeria which also adds quality to their practice. Studying in any of these schools gives you training experience and quality aviation training close to other aviation schools in countries like USA, UK, Canada, and others. If you are looking for aviation schools in Nigeria where you will get the best flight training that will guarantee your job in the aviation sector, below is the list of aviation schools in Nigeria.

Below are the Top 5 Aviation Schools in Nigeria among the ones listed above.

  • International Aviation College 
    • Location: International Airport at Ilorin, Kwara
    • Tuition Fees: —

Currently, this school is referred to be the best in the country because of the top class training offered. The school was established by Kwara State so that professionals can be trained for the aviation industries. More so, it is the first. It`s the first private-owned aviation college in Nigeria. The school is well equipped with facilities to train you and professional tutors to give you the best knowledge in the field of aviation.

  • Dhaewood Aviation Business School
  • Location: Cement Bus Stop, 30 Abeokuta Expy, Dopemu, Ikeja, Lagos
  • Tuition Fees: Starting from 25,000 Online and 100,000 Offline

Dhaewood Aviation Business School is also a private aviation school established in 2005 and is one of the best aviation schools in the country. The institute is known to offer quality training in aviation and also provide training for professionals’ school through excellent and quality training through its wide range of courses which is taught by its certified team of qualified IATA tutors.

  • Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT)
    • Location: Sokoto Road, PMB 1031, Zaria, Kaduna State
    • Tuition Fees: Up To 7.5 Million For Standard Pilot Course & Lower for other courses

NCAT is a government-owned school, and the federal government of Nigerian owns it. NCAT also provide the best aviation training in Nigeria, the school’s tuition fee is low cost compared to others on the list. The school has affiliation with a lot of respected airlines across the country. The institute is fully equipped with all the facilities needed to provide quality training exercises, especially the fleet of aircraft that can be used on charter. They offer a wide variety of courses including standard pilot course, private pilot license, international flight planning, flying instructor course, cabin crew basic course, cabin crew refresher course, aviation management courses, among others.

  • Universal School of Aviation (USA)
    • Location: Ejigbo, Lagos State

The USA is also among the leading aviation schools in Nigeria and has trained many notable professionals in the aviation sector. The institute is well equipped with facilities and tutors that will educate and groom students in their respective aviation field. Also, it collaborates with domestic and international airlines. As such, most of the students that pass through this school are quickly employed.

  • Landover Aviation Business School (LABS)
    • Location: Simbiat Abiola Road, Ikeja, Lagos state
    • Tuition Fees: 75,000 – 230,000

LABS was founded in 2002 and has since then grown to be among the top aviation schools in Nigeria. The faculty of travel and tourism, the faculty of aviation management operations, and the faculty of aviation technical and aviation operations are the three faculties in the school where its diverse aviation courses are provided. These faculties are equipped with facilities and certified International Air Transport Association (IATA) tutors as well.

Conclusion on the List of Aviation Schools in Lagos Nigeria And Their Fees

Having been briefed about the list of top aviation schools in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria, you should check out these schools and pick the one that best appeals to you. The aviation schools listed in this article are excellent in terms of training students in their chosen field in aviation.

More so, these schools all meet the standard of the International Air Transport Association. However, the high tuition fee has been a setback for many who desired to enroll into the school nonetheless; you are guaranteed to receive value for money in terms of schooling when you register in one of these institutions.